Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mercy Ministries Graduate Now on Staff

I just received a hand-written card in the mail from Katie Johanson, who graduated from the Nashville home in October of 2003. Katie went on to attend Oral Roberts University for four years and graduated in May of 2008 with a degree in Communications and Psychology. Katie applied for a Residential Assistant position with Mercy Ministries at our St. Louis location, and was hired effective February 16, 2009. We are so proud and so honored to have her on our staff. It means so much to know that she is also proud and honored to be a part of our staff, as reflected in this hand-written note. I have received Katie’s permission to share this with you.

As a point of reference, Katie sank into a deep depression and eating disorder during her teen years. She was taken to the best doctors, nutritionists, therapists, and psychiatrists in the country and was put on numerous medications, yet continued to grow worse. After a serious suicide attempt, her parents were desperate and wanted to find help and explore every option available. Katie’s mom’s search led her to the Mercy Ministries website. As she read the stories of girls who had been transformed, healed, and restored, she knew in her heart that Mercy Ministries was the place for Katie to go. The rest is history.

Now, six years later, Katie is sharing in her own words. Here are her words received on Monday, March 16th.

Just a reminder that you are loved and appreciated. I am reminded daily of the blessing of Mercy in my life and in the lives of others. I can’t believe 6 years ago, I was a resident in Nashville and now I have the honor of working in the St. Louis home as night staff. I enjoy going to work each night and witnessing God actively working miracles in the lives of others. Thank you, Nancy, for your sacrifices and for your desire to see changed lives. I love life, and I thank the Lord for you and the staff and the role Mercy Ministries has played in my healing.
I speak His blessings over you and pray you are daily reminded of His love for you! I love and respect you so very much.



For anyone who is out there hurting and without hope, I pray that Katie’s story of overcoming will be an inspiration to you in whatever it is that you are facing. May God meet you right where you are, and may His love and compassion bring about an eternal change in your life.


Ali Davis said...

the time i spent in nashville last week changed my life! GOD IS AWESOME! thank you for listening to the call of God on your life! if you hadn't given me the second chance at life, i don't know where i'd be! i love you and the staff so much! THANK YOU!!

Kristin Stegent said...

Yay! I love Katie Johanson! She was at Mercy with me. I am so glad she is now on staff at St. Louis! :)

Michelle :) said...

awesome job, Katie! what a blessing to have her loving on those girls!