Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MercyTalk with Nancy Alcorn - Interview with Ken & Connie Mansfield (Part 2: A Love Story)

In part 2 of this MercyTalk podcast, you'll hear the amazing love story of two of my dearest friends, Ken and Connie Mansfield. It all started with a "chance" meeting at a restaurant 30 years ago. How did God bring a successful committed Christian woman and a broke guru-loving man together? Listen to this podcast to find out. DON'T MISS the incredible story of a full-circle God moment at the very end! Click here to listen.

Friday, September 12, 2014

MercyTalk with Nancy Alcorn - Interview with Ken & Connie Mansfield

In this week's MercyTalk podcast, I interview two of my dearest friends of over 35 years, Ken & Connie Mansfield. Ken is a tremendous writer and the author of several books, with a powerful story of how his on-top-of-the-world life working with the Beatles came crashing down and left him searching for God to make sense of his struggles. Their story will inspire you! Click here to listen.

Monday, September 8, 2014

MercyTalk with Nancy Alcorn - "Do You Want to be Well?" with Pastor Jamie George

This week's podcast is Pastor Jamie George of Journey Church in Franklin, TN who came to speak at our Nashville home recently. The heart of this message is about an important question Jesus asked: "Do you want to be well?" It will challenge your perspective on what's needed to find healing for life's hurts. Click here to listen.