Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It never gets old hearing from former Mercy residents who contact me to express their gratitude for the help they received at Mercy and give glory to God for their transformed lives. I am always so excited because I fully believe that thankfulness moves the heart of God. I am often reminded of the story in Luke 17 where Jesus healed the ten with leprosy, yet only one returned to give thanks. It is so cool to see so many young women have a revelation of the importance of giving thanks. I thought I would share with you some of the recent posts on Twitter of girls who have gone through the Mercy program and are now returning to say thank you…

Allison on Tuesday, November 22
“Thinking on Thanksgiving, I can't help but be incredibly thankful for Nancy Alcorn. Nine years ago, I walked out of Mercy Ministries healed and whole. THANK YOU xx”

Heather on Sunday, November 20
“Nancy Alcorn, thank you so much for your willingness to be obedient to God's call on your life to help women. Mercy saved my life!”

Laura on Friday, November 18
“Hard to believe it's been three years since I graduated from Mercy Ministries! So thankful for Nancy Alcorn and Mercy St. Louis. God is good! “

Julia on Saturday, November 5
“Broken by physical and sexual abuse, years of drug addiction, cutting, an eating disorder, and suicide attempts, I found Jesus through Oasis LA and Mercy Ministries!”

As you celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends and family, I hope you will focus on the things you have to be thankful for, as well as the problems you have already faced and overcome. No matter what you may be facing today, just like our Mercy girls, there is nothing that you cannot overcome through the power of Christ who gives you strength. I hope you each have a great Thanksgiving!!!



Friday, November 18, 2011

Reunion Weekend – Special Times on the Road!!!

I always love going to churches that support Mercy Ministries monthly so that I can personally thank them for their support and let them know that they are a part of every life that is transformed through our program. However, this past weekend had extra special significance for me. Pastors Tim and Alicia Gilligan of Meadowbrook Church made the decision over 15 years ago to start giving monthly to Mercy Ministries out of their church missions giving. They have been so faithful in their support, and have remained close friends of this ministry over the years. This past weekend marked the third time that I have spoken at this awesome church, and I was blown away for several different reasons. First of all, the church has exploded and has literally more than doubled in size since my last visit there. That always makes me happy to see my friends doing well in ministry and impacting their community with the message of Christ.

Because of the growth of the church, there are quite a few full time pastors on staff, and two of our Mercy graduates are now married to two of the staff pastors. I cannot even begin to tell you what that means to me, because I saw the shambles that their lives were in when they first walked through the doors of Mercy several years ago. I thought it would really bless you to see pictures of these two Mercy graduates with their families.

Mercy graduate Katie is actually married to Pastor Tim and Alicia’s son, Lee, and they have a beautiful son named Gavin. Lee is the graphic designer for the church and helps lead worship for the college ministry. It was such a joy to get my picture with them and to celebrate with them the happiness they are now experiencing in their lives. Here’s a picture of me with Katie and Lee and the other young woman, Maddy, who graduated from Mercy whose husband, Tim, is the youth pastor.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, November 4, 2011

22 Young Women Graduate Mercy!!!

I am so excited for and so proud of the 22 young women who have graduated from Mercy Ministries in the United States in the last three weeks. Wow!!! Not only does that mean 22 young women are out there living for Christ and telling their stories of overcoming huge life-controlling issues, but it also means that 22 more young women who have been waiting their turn will now walk through our doors. Yes, 22 young women desperate for help and hanging on, literally fighting for their lives are now on their way to Mercy!

I ask that you not only join me in rejoicing over these beautiful 22 women, but I also ask that you join me in praying for the 22 young women who are now walking in the doors of Mercy to begin their journey of healing and restoration. Those girls will remain nameless and faceless to you for now, but I look forward to the day when I will be able to post their pictures and smiling faces from their graduation for all of the world to see.

Love you all. Have a great weekend!!!