Thursday, April 26, 2012


Nancy’s assistants, Katelyn and Reid here. We can’t believe that it is almost May – this year has been flying by! That’s because even when Nancy is traveling, we are still busy here at our corporate headquarters in Nashville. As most of you know, Nancy recently went to El Salvador on a missions trip with Pastor Debbie Lindell of James River Assembly and a team of 45 others. They hosted three, one-day women’s conferences and one of the coolest things to us was that two Mercy graduates were also on the trip and were able to share their stories of hope and transformation with those in attendance. Women walked for miles to attend these conferences and there was standing room only! So cool to hear stories of women giving their lives to Christ and receiving His healing and freedom! Wanted to show you some pictures from Nancy’s time in El Salvador…

Nancy on stage with graduates Amanda and Elyse

Nancy with Elsie Moody (Pastor of The Open Door in El Salvador) and Debbie Lindell

The whole team!
While Nancy was busy in El Salvador we had the awesome privilege of hosting Pastors Matt and Martha Fry of C3 Church in Raleigh, NC. Nancy and I (Katelyn) had the privilege of going to C3 Church a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it! We were so excited when Pastors Matt and Martha let us know they were going to be in Nashville and wanted to come see Mercy. So of course we asked them to share with our girls…and we are so glad we did! Martha shared her amazing testimony and really connected with our residents and staff. Pastors Matt and Martha even did some Q&A with the girls, and there were lots of questions!

Martha Fry speaking to our residents and staff

Pastors Matt and Martha Fry of C3 Church
 Nancy flew back from El Salvador just in time to host Pastor L.H. Hardwick, founding pastor of Christ Church in Nashville, and his wife Carol. Nancy credits Pastor Hardwick for much of the development of the Nashville home. In the early 1990’s he cleared off three weeks of his calendar to personally introduce Nancy to pastors all over the Middle Tennessee area to share the vision for Mercy in Nashville. The Nashville residents recently attended Pastor Hardwick’s 80th birthday celebration, so needless to say, they were very excited to see him at Mercy just a few weeks later.

Pastor Hardwick

Pastor Hardwick, his wife Carol, and Nancy
The very next day we had three couples and Mercy supporters from Florida in town to visit. One of the couples, Pastor Michael and Kathy Young from the Chapel at Rosemary Beach, spoke to our residents about how God sees us, hears us, and knows us! Later that afternoon our guests got to experience a Mercy graduation ceremony in the Nashville home. We had such a fun day hanging out with Pastor Michael and Kathy, Ted and Karen, and Lee and Carol!

Ted and Karen, Nancy, Kathy and Michael, Carol and Lee
Katelyn, Ted, Reid, and Mercy Staff Jen
 While Nancy is back out traveling, we are staying busy and getting geared up for May. There are a lot of exciting things happening, and there’s never a dull moment!!!

 Katelyn & Reid

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Update!

I received the below email from Mercy graduate, Heather, about her Easter and I wanted to share it with you! Heather came to Mercy struggling with self-harm and an eating disorder and graduated in November 2011. Heather is now walking out her freedom and sent me this amazing Easter picture of her and her daughter. Heather attends James River Assembly in Springfield, MO and was able to take her mom to church with her last Sunday, which was Easter. During the altar call, her mom went forward and gave her heart to the Lord…check out this incredible testimony!

Dear Nancy,

I wanted to send you this picture of my daughter and me today after church. :) This Easter has been absolutely amazing! Celebrating my first Easter of sweet freedom and new life! mom went forward today and made a decision for Christ!!! Blown away at how amazing and faithful God is! He heals and restores, and brings freedom and restoration for those who choose to receive all Christ died to give them!

Lots of love!!

Not only is Heather’s transformed life impacting her daughter’s life, but it has now impacted her mom’s life! This testimony is a perfect example of how God wants to reach every generation with His love and forgiveness, and bring multiplication to the Kingdom. I hope this powerful testimony encourages you to reach out to others – you never know who’s on the other side of your obedience!

By the way, I am currently talking to you from El Salvador. I am here on a mission trip reaching out to inner-city women of all ages with the love of Christ. It is my great joy to be here with Pastor Debbie Lindell from Springfield, MO. We are seeing the power of God move in amazing ways – many people are coming to Christ and receiving freedom and healing. Please pray for these women who have been horribly abused and oppressed to experience in unprecedented ways the power of Christ to transform every life and heal every broken heart. GOD IS A RESTORER!!! Thank you for your prayers and support.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

El Salvador Here I Come!!!

Next week, I have the awesome privilege of traveling to El Salvador with my dear friend Debbie Lindell of James River Assembly and Designed for Life Women’s Conference to be a part of speaking and reaching out to the women of San Salvador.

We will be helping missionaries Ken and Elsie Moody who began pastoring The Open Door Assembly of God in San Salvador in January 2012. It is located in a needy area three blocks away from 1500 new low income apartments and two blocks from the bar and prostitution area. They are the only church around. Ken and Elsie also minister through the Los Heroes School. The Los Heroes School is a dream fulfilled that Ken and Elsie had to provide children with a Christian education. Since opening, 55 students in grades K through 2 have received a Christian education.

There is a team of 45 of us who will be traveling to San Salvador to host three, one-day women’s conferences, do street ministry, and visit the children at the Los Heroes school. Please pray that God would use us to strengthen the church there; bringing hope, deliverance and salvation to hundreds of women. If you want to keep up with the latest happenings of the trip and see pictures, check out