Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hot Off the Press!!!

We just received our brand new magazine, which is basically an overview for the year 2011 along with plans for the future, including an artist rendering of our proposed new facilities in Florida. Wanted to share the joy with you. Check it out – it’s really cool to see all the things God is doing! Thanks again for your support!!!

(Click on magazine cover to view)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Lady of Tennessee Crissy Haslam Visits Mercy…

We spent the entire morning receiving a very special visitor, and I thought you would be interested in knowing about this wonderful time together. Our Governor’s wife, First Lady Crissy Haslam, came to Mercy at 9:00 AM this morning for an official visit and tour, followed by a very special time with our staff and residents in our main classroom. I thought you would enjoying hearing about this from my perspective as well as see some of the pictures from this morning’s interaction.

First Lady of Tennessee Crissy Haslam
addressing the staff and residents
First of all, it is an honor when someone from such a position takes the time out of their busy schedule to come and see the work that we do at Mercy Ministries. One thing about being in existence for almost 30 years is that we now have a track record of longevity and success that speaks to the credibility of the program. Two of our Mercy graduates who are now working as a part of our team had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Haslam one-on-one and share their story. She was especially interested in hearing about the fact that they came to Mercy Ministries and then were able to complete their college education after graduating from the program.

First Lady of Tennessee Crissy Haslam,
Graduates Jen Grinder and Kim Brownie, and Me
For me personally, I was blown away by the fact that Mrs. Haslam took extra time with our residents and staff to actually allow them to ask her questions, while at the same time interacting with them and asking them questions about the program and their personal experience thus far. I thought it was extra special that Mrs. Haslam encouraged the girls about their faith in God by relating to them with her own journey. Today I found myself feeling very proud of being a Tennessean in light of who our current leaders are in the Governor’s office. Hope you love seeing these pictures. Would love to hear your comments!

P.S. For those of you who are wondering, I did ask our First Lady why she and Governor Haslam were unable to help land Peyton Manning back in the state where he belongs. :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

From Israel... to Hitting the Ground Running!

I returned home from my amazing trip to Israel this past weekend to a very full and busy week. I spent time on Monday in our Corporate office having meetings and doing the necessary things that were calling for my immediate attention after being gone for two weeks. We also had the privilege of entertaining our very special friends, Pastors Jerome and Lisa Lewis from Seeds of Greatness Bible Church in Delaware on Monday and Tuesday. They spoke on Tuesday morning to our staff and girls in Nashville, while I flew to our St. Louis home for a special time of ministry with Jane Hamon and her daughter Crystal. I had two full days in St. Louis with Jane and Crystal. The staff and girls were very blessed by our time on Tuesday and Wednesday. I returned home to Nashville for very full days yesterday and today.

Pastors Jerome and Lisa Lewis
Thursday I spent time with our very special guests from Australia who are the owners of Mollydooker Winery in Adelaide (McLaren Vale). Sparky and Sarah Marquis, owners of Mollydooker, and Janet Marquis, General Manager of Mollydooker, are very near and dear to our hearts and are also supporters of Mercy Ministries. They frequently donate auction items and also provide financial support to our various locations in the US. It was my joy to have them attend a graduation where we celebrated the lives of four beautiful, transformed women. After graduation, we went immediately to our in-house broadcasting studio where they were guests on our live, drive-time, radio broadcasts. It was such a joy to have them as our special guests! They also made an appearance at our Mercy Ministries of America and Mercy Ministries International Board Meetings today. Our Board was able to meet them and thank them for their wonderful support. If you want to check out what they do and the other ministries they support, you can check out their website at We love our special guests from Australia, and it is our joy to continue to host them, as they are still in town.

Sarah, Janet, and I in Mercy's in-house radio studio

Janet, me, and Sarah at the Mercy Corporate office

This week has definitely been synonymous with the term “March Madness.” Speaking of which, if you have some time this weekend, check out some of the games, both men’s and women’s, and while you’re at it, say a prayer that the Titans win the bidding war and the heart of NFL great, Peyton Manning… we need him! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Greetings from Israel!!!

You may or may not know, but I am in Israel at the moment and so in awe of walking where Jesus walked and seeing the places where His ministry took place. It is literally like walking through the pages of the Bible. I cannot wait to get home and read the Word all over again with a totally different perspective!

The Sea of Galilee
I took this picture of the sunrise Tuesday morning over the Sea of Galilee looking out of my hotel room. This is the same sea where Jesus said “let us go to the other side,” during the storm and also where Peter walked on water. It is also the same sea where the Gadarene demoniac was delivered and the swine ran into the water. On Wednesday morning our group got on a boat and went out onto the Sea of Galilee to experience it for ourselves. Last week we saw the city of Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, the Jordan River, and so many other places in the Bible. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! Hope you enjoy these photos – it’s really surreal being here!

Amazing view from Mount of Beatitudes
The very place where Paul shared his faith with
King Agrippa... I am in awe! Acts 26

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mercy Graduate Now Licensed Clinical Social Worker!!!

I was thrilled to hear the great news that Nashville graduate, Kelly, just passed the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) exam! Before Mercy, Kelly struggled with an eating disorder and self-harm, and didn’t think she’d live long enough to see her dreams come true. With Kelly’s permission, I wanted to share her email with you. I hope it encourages you to never give up and reminds you that with God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)!

Hi Nancy!

I hope you are doing well. I have some great news and I wanted to share it with you because it wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the healing that I received while I was at Mercy. I took my LCSW exam today and PASSED! I had set a goal to get my LCSW by the time I turned 30, but had given up on that goal when my life got so out of control because I didn't think I would live long enough to see it fulfilled. But here I am at 28 with my LCSW and a great future ahead of me! Thank you so much for the love and support that you and all of the Mercy staff have given me to help me get to this point. I love you and miss you!


I am so proud of you, Kelly! You definitely have a great future ahead of you!