Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Joyce Meyer in Sacramento!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that lives in the Sacramento area that Joyce Meyer is doing a conference there starting tomorrow (Thursday) night at 7:00 PM. Click on this link for more details: I’m excited to be headed to California to spend time with our Sacramento (Lincoln) residents and staff, and also enjoy Joyce’s conference.


Monday, September 27, 2010

You Should Buy Lisa Bevere’s New Book!

Every chick on the planet should read Lisa Bevere’s new book “Lioness Arising!” It was my great joy to read this book ahead of time, and I want to share with you my endorsement of this book…

“Every female on the planet should read this God-inspired message – a wake-up call for women to rise up and challenge the status quo! Lisa reminds us that we as women are at our best when we lay aside our differences and work together to bring solutions to the world’s problems.” -- Nancy Alcorn

This is what others are saying about Lisa’s book as well…

“Lioness Arising will cause you to see the awesome strength and beauty that God has given every woman. It will stir up the lioness heart in you and inspire you to rise above the daily grind of life and serve God with a renewed passion.” -- Joyce Meyer

“Lisa Bevere not only inspires us with roaring truths but also lives the life of a lioness. She is a committed Christian, a strong wife, a fearless mother, a bold speaker, and an extraordinary writer. Lioness Arising will inspire you to fulfill your God-purposed role in establishing God’s kingdom on earth. It is one of the most stirring books we have ever read.” -- James and Betty Robison

“Lioness Arising will help you to awaken the seeds of greatness God has placed inside you. Lisa’s passion to empower others will help you discover your value, purpose, and the amazing gifts you have to offer the world around you.” -- Victoria Osteen

“Hope will arise as you catch a glimpse of what could happen if every woman was fully awake in her moment in history. Read this book and awaken the lioness in you!” -- Charlotte Gambill

“Lioness Arising shows Lisa Bevere’s God-given ability to shed light on spiritual principles as she shapes a world where women rise up as the fierce and beautiful lionesses they were created to be.” -- Christine Caine

Me pictured with Lisa Bevere and Charlotte Gambill

Friday, September 24, 2010

24 Nashville Residents Water Baptized!!!

Today is absolutely a gorgeous day where I am. I hope the same is true wherever you are! I wanted to share with you that on Wednesday morning I had the privilege of water baptizing 24 of our Nashville residents at their request. It was such a special time, and I wanted to show you some actual video clips that our media team put together for us. I hope this is a great blessing to you!!!

To all our financial partners and prayer partners:


Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Addict for 30 Years Celebrating 2 Years of Freedom in Christ!

On September 20th, 2008, I had the privilege of speaking at the GodChick’s conference hosted by Holly Wagner, where she pastors with her husband Philip at Oasis Christian Center in Hollywood. There were several thousand women there, but little did I know that one of the women in the crowd had been addicted to drugs for 30 years and had partied all night the previous night. She had been invited to attend this conference because of some of the women she had met that call themselves GodChicks ( Not only did Denise bring me her black bag full of drugs and drug paraphernalia, but she boldly proclaimed to me that she had always been told ‘once an addict, always an addict’ and did not know it was possible for her to choose freedom and choose life. It was at that point that I laid my hands on Denise and broke the power of addiction over her life. I was so amazed that someone would actually bring their whole bag of drugs and drug paraphernalia and hand them over as if to say I am done with this life – it was a strong act of faith on her part, and totally an act of faith that God has honored to this day. Denise has not done drugs since that time!!!

Let me revert back to the very first time I heard from Denise, approximately three weeks after I prayed for her that day. Hear it in Denise’s own words…

This letter is to Nancy Alcorn, (Dated October 15, 2008)

I met you at the September 20 GodChicks conference in Los Angeles, CA. I am a 42 year old victim of sexual abuse. I was a drug addict for 30 years. I came to you with my black bag to fully surrender my addictions over to Jesus Christ as my last attempt to rid myself of that hell. You prayed over me at the altar AND I HAVE NOT DONE DRUGS SINCE. I gave you my black bag that was full of paraphernalia and drugs. That was the last time I ever wanted drugs again. Jesus took it away from me. YEA!!

YOU HELPED JESUS SAVE MY LIFE AND I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. I have you in my prayers every night and have shared my testimony with many of the people at Oasis Church in LA. Because of you and the GodChicks, and of course Jesus, I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!!!!

Thank you so much for the powerful words you said to me that day, and the prayer you prayed over me. I am truly free. And now that I am clean from drugs, instead of hiding from the world in fear of my next relapse, I have the power, love and sound mind of Jesus Christ!

30 years I walked with the monkey on my back. NOW IT IS GONE!!!


and God Bless You ALWAYS!!!


NOW, 2 YEARS LATER, Denise just celebrated her two year anniversary of freedom in Christ. She has a whole new life and shares Christ with everyone she comes in contact with. She just attended the Joyce Meyer Conference in St. Louis over the weekend followed by attending Destiny Church with our residents on Sunday and then gave her testimony to our St. Louis residents on Monday. She then flew to Nashville and spoke to our Nashville residents on Tuesday and flew back to LA just this afternoon. She attended a Mercy graduation of four of the young girls who graduated yesterday afternoon, and this morning she attended a water baptism where I had the privilege of water baptizing 20 young women who are currently residents of our Nashville home. After Denise spoke, she took questions from the girls and spent the rest of the day talking one-on-one with them, spending time with them, and praying for them. Her impact is still being felt, and we thank God for this beautiful friend that God has given us. Denise is a true miracle, and a true example of the freedom and transformation that is available through Christ. Mercy is being multiplied, and we are so thankful that when we call upon the Lord, He hears us and He answers us.

I also want to honor Pastor Philip and Holly Wagner for making Denise a part of their church family for the past two years and for providing accountability and discipleship. This is truly a picture of what the local church should be all about. If you are in the LA area you should totally visit their church --


Denise celebrating her two year anniversary of freedom in Christ!

Denise encouraging the residents

Denise with Nancy celebrating her two years of freedom!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mercy Graduate Now A Doctor!!!

I didn’t know that when Bethany walked in the doors of Mercy in the Spring of 2005 that she would one day be a doctor, but even God knew the plans that He had for her, and a miracle was about to happen! Bethany walked through the doors with a serious eating disorder along with a serious problem with self-harm and an obsessive compulsive disorder. The thing I love so much about the Lord is that He totally takes our ashes and turns them into something beautiful. He has promised us in Isaiah 61:7 that for our former shame, He will give double honor. Dr. Bethany Solomon is now Dr. Bethany Schilling. That’s right – she got married just a few months ago to this wonderful godly man that she brought to meet me for my approval when they became serious in their relationship. I knew immediately that this guy was special, and I could see the love he had for Bethany. Beau and Bethany were married earlier this year, and from these pictures you can see that they are totally enjoying their life together. Just recently we received a $500 donation from them thanking Mercy for transforming Bethany’s life and for believing in her when no one else did. In Bethany’s own words, “Without Mercy I don’t know how this could have ever happened. I am so thankful to God for life, and I plan to use all the life that I have left to glorify Him and share the hope of the Gospel with the lost, broken and hurting people in this world. Beau and I will be lifetime supporters of this ministry, and I hope and pray that the amount we can sow will grow in time. I pray that the Lord blesses the hands of His servants at Mercy to keep shedding light and bringing treasures out of darkness by the resurrection power of Christ.”

Bethany’s words say it all. Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost and He came to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free. We celebrate Bethany’s freedom with her today and we celebrate the beautiful marriage of Bethany and Beau for a lifetime.

Thanks to all of our supporters for making this changed life possible!

Way to go, Dr. Bethany – WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Very Special Conference in Houston!

I hope your week has been as good as mine! The first three days of this week I had the privilege of speaking at the Global Network of Christian Ministries (GNCM) Conference, and it is always my great joy to actually be a member of this group. Other speakers included Scott Jones, Joel Osteen, Chris Hodges, Dr. Sandy Kulkin, John Hagee, Randy Clark, and Brett Jones. It was a tremendous time of connecting and being with great leaders who are truly making an impact in our world today. It was also a wonderful time to make new friends and to connect with old friends. The conference was hosted by GNCM President, Pastor Scott Jones, at his home church, Grace Church. The music was so powerful as we heard from an awesome worship team at Grace along with guest worship leader, Israel Houghton. This conference was so good that I can’t wait until next year’s conference October 24-26, 2011 in Phoenix. I thought you might enjoy hearing about this great group of people! If you want to know more about this network, you can check it out at

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Awesome Weekend at City of Grace in Arizona!!!

I want to give a personal shout out to Pastor Judith Crist and her husband Pastor Terry at City of Grace in the Phoenix area.

Host Judith Crist with Nancy

We had a great time at their women’s conference at the Mesa campus this past weekend. The title of the message was “Flourish”, and we were challenged on so many levels by Judith and the wonderful speakers who shared the platform together.

Special guests featuring Veronica Petrucci, Penny Maxwell, Nancy Alcorn, Judith Crist, Sharon Kelly, and Noemi Chavez

It was my great joy to share this time with Sharon Kelly from Wave Church in Virginia Beach.

Nancy with Judith Crist and Sharon Kelly

Judith is doing an amazing job at reaching out to the entire area with the love and mercy of Christ. I was so impacted by her amazing heart, and so thankful that God has brought this connection together. I felt like I left my heart in Phoenix, because we shared so much together. It was an amazing weekend and many lives were touched and changed. Thanks Judith for being a champion of champions!!!

I wanted to share the joy with you – not only were lives touched and changed but there were many people who came to Christ during this special time together. GOD IS GOOD!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet One of My Heroes…

I am continually amazed at the courage of the young women who walk through the doors of Mercy Ministries so desperate and broken. I call them my heroes and if you need to know why, check out this “straight from the heart” life story of one such woman who represents hundreds and even thousands. Not only is she sharing with me her life story, but she has given me permission to share it with you! God is blessing her beyond her wildest dreams, as I have included a picture of her and her husband on their very special wedding day. YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!!

Dear Nancy,

I was a resident at the Nashville home; I graduated in December 2007. I am writing both to thank you for following the Lord into the ministry of repairing broken lives…and to give you an update on what I’ve been doing.

Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for me! Looking back, I would simply describe your ministry and home as a vessel of God’s love. It was a vessel empty of the things of the world, but so full of the riches of God. There is no way I would be alive, praising the Lord today if it was not for Mercy Ministries. I struggled with a severe eating disorder, self-mutilation, and depression; consequently, I had attempted suicide multiple times. By age fifteen, I had been to all the professionals to try and find solutions: doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, group therapy sessions, and even a trip to the mental hospital. During my stay at the hospital, I was labeled by my issues and told that I would be back again. I was sedated and received the same messages from the doctors, some family, and friends... that there was no hope and I would struggle my whole life. I said to myself, “What is the point in living if I am just going to be in and out of the mental hospital my whole life. Why go through this? No one can help me.” I didn’t believe in God nor have any desire to.

Anyway, I received the Lord at Mercy and my life began to turn around. Through the words of the Lord, counseling, and continuous unconditional love, I was set free. The Spirit of God released me from the chains of bondage. I no longer struggle with an eating disorder, self-mutilation, or depression, but I choose to rest in the arms of my Savior. I’ve been redeemed and so has my family. I now clearly see why the Lord brought me through the things He did: to bring glory to Himself.

So…I just got married. This relationship came as a total surprise to me. I thought God would bring along someone in my thirties. I met him at the church I’ve belonged to since I left Mercy. We both aid in leading our youth group, and he also plays on the worship team. He works for his father’s construction company and I am currently nannying. We are both attending college online, through Liberty University and majoring in Religion and I am getting a minor in Christian Counseling. We feel that the Lord has called us to ministry, so we are in the midst of preparing while we wait for the doors to open up. It is all very exciting! I am so grateful and blessed by this ministry. We are all so thankful. Thank you for obeying the Lord.

With all my love,


I so appreciate everyone who gave so that Kerri’s life could be snatched out of death and brought into life.

Friday, September 10, 2010

United Kingdom Mercy Doubling its Size!!!

Sometimes ugly pictures are beautiful. Obviously, it’s sort of like when God is rebuilding a person’s life – sometimes things seem worse before they get better, but we know the finished product is going to be amazing! That God who started the good work in us will always complete it. Why do I share that and what does it have to do with these pictures? Well let me tell you… The good work that God is doing in each and every one of our Mercy girls is a process. Likewise, these pictures represent the beginning stages of our capacity in the United Kingdom for Mercy residents being doubled. This is such an exciting time, and we wanted you to see what this process looks like. The builders are having to dig deep to ensure a strong foundation, much like God has to dig deep in the hearts and lives of our girls to ensure that their foundation is strong and can be built upon so it can last. God is the master builder and we are the home that He chooses as His habitation. I thought this was a cool correlation – hope you catch my drift! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thousands Gathered to Pray for Our Nation – Update from TheCall…

I just wanted to give a big shout out to Lou Engle and his wife, Therese, and all the thousands of people who came from all over the United States to attend TheCall. It was such a wonderful time as we prayed for our nation, our leaders, and for the hearts of people to be turned back to God! We joined with intercessory representatives from, and on behalf, of California and every state to "altar" lives, "altar" states, and "altar" the nation.

It was such a privilege to be asked to participate in this great event and pray for the young women of our nation who have suffered from trafficking, cutting, eating disorders, abuse, addictions, and all other kinds of life-controlling issues. To be joined on stage by the 40 young women who currently occupy our Sacramento home was extra special!!! We stood on stage on the steps of the Capitol in Sacramento, California to intercede about the issues we face in our nation today. Our residents and staff were deeply impacted by this entire event, and it was such a joy for our girls to be personally encouraged and ministered to by Lou Engle’s wife, Therese, world-renown author and speaker Cindy Jacobs, and Lou’s beautiful parents (pictured left). Lou’s dad was celebrating his 90th birthday, and you can see from the picture that both of Lou’s parents are still going strong as they took the time to bless and minister to the young women who are currently in our California home.

The whole entire day from start to finish was a huge blessing for all those who participated – not only the thousands who were in attendance, but also those who were watching from around the world either on GodTV or live-streaming online. We are so thankful for Lou Engle and his family for their great love for people and the wonderful sacrifices they have made!!

Fun times with Mercy residents at TheCall!!!

Thousands worship together at TheCall in Sacramento

So excited that our 40 California Mercy residents prayed with me at TheCall

Crowd captivated by TheCall speakers at the Capitol Mall

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mercy Resident Chooses Life – It’s a Boy!!!

Labor day was quite literal for one of the beautiful young women who made the decision to come to Mercy Ministries and choose life for her unborn child. We posted a web story earlier today on our main website which explains all of the details. Check out this awesome picture of Jeremiah George approximately 3 hours after he was born. We are so proud of Holly who prayerfully and courageously made the decision for adoption! Click here for the full story as posted on Mercy’s website.

Also, TOMORROW I will be posting lots of pictures and details about TheCall in Sacramento just a couple of days ago. We will be sharing details about how Mercy Ministries had the honor and privilege of participating in this powerful event.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Check Out Pictures and Details of Mercy Baptism Service – 22 Girls!!!

Tuesday night in an awesome demonstration of the healing and transformation that takes place at Mercy Ministries, 22 young women from our California home were baptized! The special baptism service and dinner were held at the home of Buzz Oates, long time supporter of Mercy Ministries. Buzz, a commercial real-estate developer from the Sacramento area, gave $2.5 million and the land for the building of the Lincoln home through the Buzz Oates Charitable Foundation.

It was an incredible night of celebration and praise for the lives changed as well as a time for the girls to show their gratitude to some of the California home’s biggest supporters. One of the residents, after being baptized, walked straight to Buzz Oates and said, “Thank you for helping to save my life.”

Greg and Kathy Fairrington, pastors of Sunset Christian Center and daughter and son-in-law of Buzz Oates were there as well as Lou Engle, Founder of The Call. Click here to see highlights from the baptism and hear straight from the heart of Buzz Oates.

Pastors of Sunset Christian Center, Greg and Kathy Fairrington

All 40 Mercy residents and staff enjoy the evening!

Very honored guest, Lou Engle, Founder of The Call, prays over Mercy residents and guests.

One of the Mercy girls being baptized by Program Director, Cheryl Bangs, and Pastor Greg Fairrington

With the help of faithful supporters who are the lifeline of Mercy Ministries, we are able to give hurting young women the help they so desperately need. However, there are still room sponsorships available for the California home as well as much needed support for our current operations! If you are interested in knowing what needs still exist or would like to sponsor a room, contact Kaci Davis, Community Relations Manager at Thank you!!!!

Special Message from Governor Mike Huckabee…

It is such an honor for me to be in Sacramento today and tomorrow to participate in TheCall. Lou Engle’s passion and vision to see our nation restored back to God is very compelling. We will kick off the weekend with a four hour praise and worship service tonight at Raley Field in Sacramento, followed by an all day time of prayer and praise with speakers from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM on the steps of Capitol Hill. Hope you enjoy this brief message from Governor Mike Huckabee inviting people to this strategic event.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

22 Mercy Residents Get Water Baptized - Stay Tuned for More!!!

Last evening in Sacramento at the home of Buzz Oates, 22 of our 40 residents in our Sacramento home were water baptized at their request. I will be posting a blog tomorrow with video and highlights from this very special time. Stay tuned…