Monday, December 27, 2010

Special Christmas Gift…

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I was so excited this year to hear from some of our Mercy graduates who took the time to put together a scrapbook for me for Christmas. It blessed me so much to read all of their notes, and I want to share one with you from 2009 St. Louis graduate, Holly…

Dear Nancy,

Merry Christmas! Thank you for giving me a place to have my life restored! I will never forget all of the fun memories that I had at Mercy Ministries. The conferences and concerts were a blast! It was really cool to visit different churches in St. Louis. I also met one of my best friends, Jenna, at Mercy. Most importantly, I came to understand God’s love for me in a way that I had never experienced before and my life was forever changed. What God did through Mercy Ministries has set me up for a life that I never dreamed I would be able to have! Since graduating from Mercy, I have gone on two mission trips to Belize and Costa Rica. I have also had the opportunity to work at an FCA Leadership Camp, and work with middle school students at ZOE Ministries. I will be moving to downtown St. Louis in a few weeks to finish my degree in Psychology this year at Webster University. You are one of my heroes because of your faith! I love that you know me and talk to me every time I have seen you. Hearing you speak is extremely challenging and inspiring. I thank God for your life! I pray that this is the best Christmas yet for you, Nancy! I love you!



My favorite part about Holly’s note to me is hearing all about what she’s been doing since she left Mercy a new creation in Christ. He is the only one who can heal broken hearts and set captives free, and it’s so cool to hear how Holly is walking out her freedom in Christ. Way to go, Holly! I am so proud of you!!!