Thursday, February 2, 2012

Discover How You Can Provoke Others To Love And Good Deeds!!!

One of our supporters from Springfield, MO, Lori Scheetz, just sent me this awesome blog post and I wanted to share it with you. It always means so much to me when I hear about people who sign up to become monthly partners with Mercy, thus impacting the lives of the girls who come to us for help. So many of the girls who walk through our doors would never be able to afford to get the help they need if they had to pay. The average cost of secular treatment programs is approximately $2,000 per day per individual. Mercy’s actual cost is only $200 per day per girl, yet we do not even charge the girls! Your support makes it possible for girls to come to Mercy free of charge. The comparison is obvious – our actual cost to run the program is only 10% of the cost of secular treatment programs. Not only that, but we have come to realize through experience that God is not about treatment, but rather transformation!

At Mercy, you can sign up to sponsor a girl for $200 per month. When you sign up to sponsor a girl, you will receive the young girl’s name so that you can begin praying for her, personal notes from graduates, an invitation to visit a Mercy Ministries home, and quarterly email updates. Not only that, but you will be playing a role in transforming her life! If you are interested in signing up to sponsor a girl, click here.

I hope that Lori’s story of stepping out in faith to give impacts you as much as it impacted me! Check out the recent blog post Lori shared with me about why she is passionate about helping our girls, and how she is purposing in her heart to increase her giving.