Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life On The Road…What A Weekend!!!

I thought you might enjoy a quick glimpse of our Mercy journey this past weekend. It all started on Friday when we left Nashville and flew into Philadelphia. After an awesome dinner Friday night with special friends, we made our way across the border to Wilmington, Delaware and checked in to our hotel. It was there that Katelyn (my Executive Assistant) and I met up with Mercy graduate, Kim Brownie, one of our guest speakers for our Saturday morning “Mercy In The Community” breakfast. It was the first time we had seen Kim since her recent graduation from college, so were able to give her a big hug and congratulate her in person! After a time of visiting, we called it a night to prepare for the busy weekend ahead.

Amazing pastors, Jerome and
Lisa Lewis, with Kim and I
My greatest joy – connecting
with graduates on the road!!

Saturday morning was basically the beginning of a Mercy track meet, as we went from one event to the next. It started with our brunch on Saturday morning hosted by special Mercy friends, Pastors Jerome and Lisa Lewis, from Seeds of Greatness Church. It was my joy to be joined by five special Mercy grads who were there to share the joy at our community event (pictured right).

Kim, me, and Mikayla speaking at the Mercy In The Community Breakfast
I then spoke during the two Sunday morning services at Seeds of Greatness Church. The services, the hospitality, the way they blessed us -- everything was first class and topnotch. Pastors Jerome and Lisa Lewis are definitely very special friends. We are so grateful for their close friendship and generous support. I want to thank them for all they do, have done, and continue to do for Mercy to help us reach hurting young women.

It was a packed house!
Speaking of track meets, the moment I finished the second service on Sunday, I literally walked from behind the pulpit and into an automobile that transported me directly to the airport so that I could catch a flight to Minneapolis to speak at River Valley Church’s “Chick Night” at 6:30 PM. Thankfully, our prayers were answered and all our flights were on time. Upon our arrival, we had a quick change of clothes, and went straight to the church to a packed house of women of all ages. The atmosphere was electric – it was such a special night! What a great job Pastor Becca Ketterling did preparing for this evening and getting the women excited about their upcoming conference in September ( Special thanks to Pastor Rob and Becca for the amazing people they are and for their awesome support! Another special thing that happened that night was that Mercy graduates showed up once again to support me and to be at the event in the Minneapolis area. (See two of our graduates pictured with me below).

Catching up with recent Mercy grads, Stacy and Terrie after the service!
Becca and I having fun with the girls!!!

Me with Pastors Rob and Becca Ketterling – THEY ARE SO AWESOME!!!
Thank you for helping us reach young girls who are desperate for help!
By the time I finished up late Sunday night I had been up almost 24 hours -- my adrenaline was still flowing from the awesome services over the weekend. I’m so thankful that God allows me to do what I do, meet special people and see their lives impacted by all that Christ has done for all of us. I’m so grateful that I get to share the Good News with people who need to hear it. It was an awesome time of ministry, and I thank God for a fulfilling weekend!



Dear nancy sister, I saw your program in TBN. actully you are a wondrfull women of God. from jishnu john (india