Thursday, August 18, 2011

Martha Munizzi Rocks The House At Mercy!!!

It’s not every day that God sends someone who’s been nominated for tons of Grammy’s and Dove Awards, but such was the case yesterday when God brought Martha Munizzi our way. However, that is really not what stood out at all. The thing that stood out the most was how she poured out her personal, heart-wrenching story of what happened to her in her childhood, which strongly resonated with so many of our girls who have been through something similar. I honestly believe it is one of the most powerful times we have ever had at Mercy. Martha has a very strong anointing on her life to bring truth in a very appropriate way, yet so practical and real. Martha has written some really powerful songs in her career such as “Glorious,” “Because Of Who You Are,” “Say The Name,” and “Jesus Is The Best Thing (That’s Ever Happened To Me)” to name a few. Yesterday we had the privilege of hearing heaven’s download through her in her latest CD that was just released in April called “Make It Loud.” I cannot recommend it enough!! If I were you, I would run out and get it immediately or download it from her website at

Not only did we get this up close and personal time with Martha Munizzi, but she also left a piece of herself with us as she gifted each staff and resident with her latest CD (you should have been there and you would have gotten one too). No way can I fully explain what happened in the spirit realm as so many breakthroughs occurred during our special time together. Perhaps you will get some insight as I share with you what a few of our residents had to say…

“There are so many things that blessed me today during Martha’s time here! I came into worship heavy hearted with a lot on my mind and felt so much better afterwards! I had a joy in me that I haven’t felt before. God really spoke to me about being able to trust Him. I also realized how much I need to worship God and get into His presence when I’m not in a good mood or having a bad day.” --Alyona

“Today during worship, I totally once and for all let go and said ‘yes’ to Jesus’ promises for me, because God made it clear that He is a God that stays true to His Word. If He told me I would be free, I am free! My plan of action is to worship God even when it gets hard, and remember that God loves me and promises to love me no matter what and rest in that truth.” -- Julie

“Today I received a revelation and made the choice to believe that God loves me as He says He does and to believe the promises He declares to keep. I am squashing doubt and disbelief in Jesus’ name, and thanking God even when I feel uncomfortable. I choose an attitude of gratitude. I am being strengthened in character by hoping in the Lord. I can hope because I know who holds my future. My plan of action is to speak God’s truth into all the “human impossibilities” and let go of what hinders me. Today was awesome!” -- Crystal

Trusting that no matter what you may be facing in your life, you will receive the breakthroughs that you need. Martha challenged us to praise God in the midst of our pain and circumstances, and to see how praise literally steals the avenger (Psalm 8:2) and paves the way for us to rise above and experience peace that passes all understanding as we are overcoming. I can honestly say that I believe the special time we had together was ordained and brought to us straight from heaven, a God ordained and God appointed time.

I hope these pictures will show you the joy of all that we shared…

Talking with some of the girls!
Me with Martha and our Transitional Care Director, Sophie

Have a great week!


Ali Davis said...

I've never had the pleasure of meeting Martha Munizzi, but her songs are AMAZING! I have a lot of her CD's, and my church worships to a lot of her songs. :) How incredible that the girls got to meet her and hear her story!