Friday, September 30, 2011

September In Review… Best Month Ever!!!

Hey guys,

I started the month of September with a blog about how excited I was about September, and isn’t it just like God to do exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond anything I could ask or think, according to Ephesians 3:20?!?! So pumped about it and am still in awe of all that God did and is still doing as a result of the special times we had this month with so many wonderful people.

It started with a very dear and special friend from Australia visiting our Nashville location on September 8th. This proved to be such a divine appointment for many different reasons which is too close and personal to my heart to share. However, let me just say that is was a special time that was divinely orchestrated by God on so many levels!

After that, I had the awesome privilege of being with Pastors Kirk and Suzette Bowman in Asheville, NC at the Rock of Asheville Church, and what a great time we had! God poured out His spirit on the Women’s Conference and also on the Sunday services. I was also joined by a very close friend of mine who pastors with her husband in Kansas City at the Rock Church there, Susan O’Reilly. Both of these women are so very special, and it was so awesome to have quality time with them and see how God is moving in their lives.

After that, it was on to St. Louis for the Joyce Meyer Love Life Women’s Conference, and it was awesome! I was so moved by all God did for so many people at that conference and all the lives that were impacted as a result. It was such a joy to be able to share Mercy at Joyce’s Conference and to have quality time with so many dear friends and supporters of Mercy that are close to my heart. The highlight for me was when graduate, Kim Brownie, spoke in such a powerful way with the fire of God on her life. How does someone go from being sold for sex when they are 12 years old to being such a powerful woman of God? Only through the transforming power of Christ can someone be changed into another person! If you happened to miss Kim’s time on stage with me at Joyce’s conference, please take the time to watch the clip below.

After Joyce’s Conference, we had the privilege of returning to Nashville to be with Natalie Grant and Abolition International to host leaders from around the country for a special seminar about helping victims of human trafficking. We were overjoyed at the turn out, and especially excited about the powerful moments we shared when the group came out to Mercy for the afternoon.

Me with Charlotte Scanlon-Gambill and
Host Debbie Lindell
Immediately after that day it was on to Springfield, MO to be a part of the Designed for Life Women’s Conference with host Debbie Lindell. WHAT A GREAT TIME WE HAD TOGETHER!!! Honestly, this was the absolute best conference I have ever been a part of. God moved so powerfully through all the speakers, which included host Debbie Lindell, Charlotte Gambill, John and Helen Burns, and myself. If you missed this conference, I strongly urge you to order the DVDs and watch them as soon as possible. They are life-changing!!! You can get them by contacting James River Assembly at (417) 581-5433. It was such a special time for me personally because our St. Louis residents and staff were in attendance, as well as approximately 40 Mercy graduates and several key staff from Nashville. The women at the conference were so encouraged and in awe as they heard such awesome testimonies of God’s amazing transforming power. It was three amazing days, followed by me having the privilege of speaking at three Sunday morning services. I want to say a special thank you to Pastors John and Debbie Lindell for their amazing hospitality and their very generous offerings given to Mercy as a result of this conference.

Mercy Graduate, Rachael, praying for current
Mercy residents and other graduates
Mercy graduates share their stories of transformation!
Crystal, Jane, Me, and Nicola

I flew out of Springfield around 6:00 PM on Sunday evening, September 25th to head to Vancouver, Canada to spend a few days with our girls and staff there before heading on to the Sacramento, CA home. I have to tell you that in all my 28+ years of ministry, this time in Vancouver and Sacramento was the most awesome, fun, and rewarding time I have ever experienced inside the walls of Mercy! We were joined by Jane Hamon and her daughter, Crystal, as they so powerfully taught and ministered prophetically to every staff and every girl. I do not even have enough space on this blog to recount all the amazing things that God did during this special week. I want to give a special shout out to John and Helen Burns and Nicola Bartel in Canada and the entire team there – what a great group and team of people that God has given to our first Canadian home! Amazing leadership, amazing hearts, and amazing lives being transformed. The same is true of our Sacramento home. I am in awe of our Program Director, Cheryl Bangs, and her wonderful team in that particular home. So many great things happening there – it was just so very special I can’t even begin to tell you!

Crystal encouraging the residents

Jane ministering to one of the residents
Crystal, Cheryl, Nancy, Mercy Supporter, Dru, and Jane
So, I made my way home to Nashville last night. I got delayed in Dallas until after midnight, but finally made it home and got in bed a little after 3:00 AM. I’m tired today, but very fulfilled and very excited for all God has in store for the month of October. If it is anything like September, I better get a special seat belt. Things are moving at a pace that has accelerated in a supernatural way, and I could not be more excited! So thankful for our wonderful supporters who make all of this possible!

Love to all,



Ess said...

I was at DFL and it was beyond was my first time to attend DFL and needless to say I already bought my ticket (and another one to bless someone with) for next year!! Thank you for such a powerful word!!! I bought 2 of your books for a friend who will benefit from them. Praying she opens her heart to them.

Lezah Edwards said...

I agree, September was a full month as it should be, since it is the "Birthing" month. Now October is back to square one, nurture, and multiply.

~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

Wow what a month. I love reading your blog updates. I don't always comment but I do read them. Luv ya bunches Nancy and so thankful to God for you and Mercy Ministries!