Thursday, February 5, 2009

From a Mother's Heart

I wanted to share with you a letter that I received straight from the heart of a mother. This mother’s son is now married to a Mercy graduate. She shares about the life-transforming power of Christ that her daughter-in-law experienced through Mercy Ministries, and how God has answered one of her lifelong prayers. I am sure this will bless you!

As a mother of four, I have spent my share of time on my knees in prayer! Throughout my children’s lives, my husband and I have prayed specific prayers for each of them. We understand the importance of choosing the right mate. We realize that this important choice is pivotal to one’s mental and spiritual health for life. With this in mind, many of our prayers have been focused on praying for our children’s future mates. Our youngest son, Brad, was no exception. We have prayed for his future wife from the time he was in my womb. We prayed for her safety and protection; we prayed for peace and love to permeate her little life. We prayed for her to have a heart soft toward the things of God. Throughout my son’s childhood, I would try to envision this little girl, wondering where she was and what she was doing, and asking God to give her a carefree life full of joy. I pictured a beautiful child who always had a smile on her face and a happy countenance that attracted everyone to her.

Well, Brad’s future wife’s life was not lived in a God-like atmosphere. Because of circumstances, Kristin’s life was far from being carefree. By the time she was a very young girl, scars had been inflicted upon her poor little spirit that affected every area of her life: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. She lived in a world of rejection, abandonment and fear. Like most young women who grow up with these issues, her life spiraled out of control, and she made some very wrong choices. She would tell you that if it weren’t for Mercy Ministries, she would be dead right now, and after listening to her painful testimony, I believe her.

Kristin graduated from the Mercy program in St. Louis, and she is truly a new creation in Christ! She renounced every wrong way of life, and made a radical change by the principles learned at Mercy. She began a career, set up boundaries with her old friends and her family, and began to choose life – God’s life - in every area. Mercy rescued her and gave her all the tools to live the life I prayed for her as she was growing up. She met my son; they were married, and they now have a beautiful baby boy – my grandson, Trysten.

Kristin is living proof that God hears and answers prayers even when we aren’t seeing it happen. She came to Mercy Ministries desperate for healing and wholeness, and that is exactly what she received! God listened to the prayers of a praying momma and answered them. Because of Mercy I not only have a beautiful, whole daughter-in-law with a heart soft toward God, I also have the most adorable grandson alive! I’m sure you’d agree!

Oh, and by the way, Kristin is a beautiful young woman who always has a smile on her face and a happy countenance that attracts everyone to her! God is faithful!


Michelle :) said...

how incredible! LOVE this lady's heart and that she can see God's provision all along!