Monday, February 16, 2009

The Way I Made You

Ashley with a member of Mercy staff

At the present time, we have a beautiful young woman at our Nashville home named Ashley. Ashley is 21 years old, and she has been in the program for approximately three months. All of the staff in the Nashville home have been amazed to see Ashley’s growth since she’s been in the program. Not only does she have a very painful past of abuse, but she was actually born with Cerebral Palsy. We marvel on a daily basis at the positive outlook and beautiful spirit of this young woman! She has chosen to forgive the people that have hurt her, and all of the residents in the home are so very fond of her. She has impacted the lives of so many people in a very short time. I was in the home on Saturday spending time with the girls, and Ashley approached me and asked if she could share with me a poem she had written. I was very eager to read it, and when I did, I can honestly say that it brought tears to my eyes. I asked Ashley if I could share it on my blog today, and she was very willing to not only give me permission to share her poem with you, but also to post a picture of her beautiful angelic face so that you can see her joy. I hope this blesses you, and I hope that some day you might have the privilege of getting to know Ashley just as we have. She is definitely one of God’s special ones.

“The Way I Made You”

The way I made you
Is different to the physical eye
Yet unique and special to me
For I see you through my eyes.

I know sometimes you don’t
Why you were born with C.P.
And I know you struggle
With all the different people you see.

That are able to do some
Things that you can’t
You look at them and long for the day
To come.

My darling, I feel that longing
More than you think I can.

I know your feelings of loneliness
And the struggles you daily endure
For I feel every pain that you feel
It is in Me you’re secure.

The way I made you is perfect
Just the way I wanted you to be
And that’s exactly how I see you,
A beautiful miracle to Me.

So next time you get discouraged,
About not being the same
Come to Me, I’ll be here
Just call on My name.

Ashley with Mercy graduate, Tamara


kimberly said...

I saw her today when I was touring the home.
I didn't meet her.

Ali Davis said...

ashley has a REALY infectious smile! and her poem is beautiful. i hope i am able to meet her! love you, nancy, and thanks for sharing this with us!

Supa Sparks said...

Beautiful - thank you for sharing Ashley!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Ashleys poem and photos, it moved me to tears. It is beautiful and Ashley does inspire me.

Dacia said...

she's an amazing person. she truely exemplifies the resilience of the human spirit.

Michelle :) said...

definitely beautiful- Ashley and her poem! I love the pictures and was so excited to recognize some sweet faces! I love to read how these girls bless so many hearts- and there are so many hearts working to bless and love on them!