Monday, February 2, 2009

She Just Knows!

Last week I received an awesome message on Facebook from one of our graduates in the United Kingdom. She was thanking me for the vision of Mercy and sharing about how her life had been so transformed. I actually got to say hello to her last May when I was there for the Cherish Conference in Bradford, England. It was so cool to see Erin, and it was even better to hear from her last week. Erin actually shared with me a poem that she wrote shortly after she graduated from Mercy. I think it is so powerful that I asked her permission to share it with you. I just received her response back today, and I wanted to share that with you before I share her amazing poem.

Hey Nancy,

I just checked your blog out tonight, awesome!!!! You can totally use
my poem but I can’t take any of the credit. Two years ago I could barely
string two words together.I was so bound by fear that I literally was
afraid to speak.God has taken me on an amazing journey with this and
these days, you cant get me to shut up !!! Expressing myself through
poetry is new to me and I just feel so privileged that God has given me
this gift. Hopefully catch you in Bradford in the summer.

Erin xxx

that quiet smile
spreads across her face
edges softened
more often a trace
of pleasantries in her soul
there doesn't seem to be that
regular whirring
continually stirring up unrest
fading into the last
few hours of letting go
and by-gones be
identity written and published
copyrighted into the fabric of history
all those strings of insecurities
have slipped from their post
and sailed off the coast
into the rosy sky
never more to be seen
now she can more comfortably lean
into the Arms around her
every second that goes by
she's changing and finding
herself more beautiful
more like the One she loves
more like the One that loves her
and there's no false modsty there
and there's no striving
it's just a deeper diving
into truth
the peace that massages her heart
tells her that she will never be forgotten
or trodden down again
and He would do anything for her
He can't tear Himself away from her
picking up her every day
and making a melody
out of those tragedies
that seem so small now
she’s gaining ground
and as she dreams
of gentle waves
tickling her toes
she just knows
who she is.
She is His.

For those of you who are in the middle of a struggle and perhaps still dealing with a life-controlling issue, I hope that Erin’s story will encourage you that there is still hope, and that freedom is attainable. Feel free to contact us if you are one of those people so that we can pray for you and also send you a book related to your particular issue free of charge.


Maria said...

Thank you so much for posting this it was very very powerful it has left me in tears. God has an amazing plan for your life and you are going to impact so many lives with your testimony.

Thanks again for posting it truly was powerful.

Mia said...

This story has touched my heart in a way that I cant explain and it came at just the right time. I have been struggling but too scared to ask for help. Reading what God has done in Erins life has made me realize that I want this freedom too and I am ready to grasp it !! Such an inspirational piece.

Vanessa said...

It takes a powerful testimony and encouragement from the few people in my life who want me to live in freedom instead of in bondage to keep me believing that someway, somehow I will be free from the anorexia and fear that has ruled my life for the past 16 years.

Thank you for sharing your testimony! God Bless!