Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good News from the UK!

I just happened to be in the UK speaking at a wonderful conference when I received this awesome email from one of our UK grads who is celebrating her one year anniversary of graduating from Mercy Ministries in the UK! I thought I would share the joy with you…hope this is encouraging!
Well I am one week away from being a Mercy graduate for a whole year! I just wanted to give you an update of how things are going for me now, especially since it's hard to convey the true nature of it all in brief encounters when I've been to visit, or on the telephone.

I begin my degree in September and I'm very excited about it! Church is lovely, I certainly belong. I am blessed with so many great friends and I serve on the women's ministry team. I have recently been asked to lead a midweek youth connect group, which I am really looking forward to.

Before Mercy, I spent years telling lies and my deception had a lot of damaging and irreversible consequences. I had to stare them in the face whilst at Mercy which was awfully humbling and terribly difficult, but God has provided a way out and guilt and condemnation are not longer a daily weight upon my shoulders.

Not only has the relationship with my family been restored, but I now serve at church alongside some of the people I thought would never forgive or speak to me again. Never in a million years did I ever think God could do such a tremendous work of transformation - but I stand in awe of what He has done.

I will be eternally grateful to all of you who have stood with me on this journey. Thank you for picking me up and helping me to walk in the right direction again. Thank you for nudging me along with tough love even when I thought I couldn't bear it. Thank you for waiting patiently in the silence whilst I worked up the courage to be honest. Thank you for believing in me when all I saw was a failure. Thank you for drawing out my strengths and showing me that my life is worth something. But most of all, thank you for pointing me back to God. To Him be all the glory.

Congratulations to our UK staff and team on a job well done!


Michelle :) said...

beautiful! that last paragraph is the essence of Mercy- it's all about the love!

Ali Davis said...

mercy ministries is about love and grace, and about showing that unconditionally to those of us who have never experienced it before. thank you nancy, and all the mercy staff, for being so dedicated and compassionate, and for following in the steps of such an amazing GOD!