Friday, May 15, 2009

St. Louis Residents Guests of Senator Kyle McCarter

I am always in awe of the wonderful and diverse people that God connects us with! Senator Kyle McCarter and his wife, Victoria, are great friends of Mercy Ministries, and also very involved in volunteer work with our girls. Not only do they attend almost every graduation, but Senator McCarter and Victoria also serve as Co-Chairmen of the Community Board for Mercy Ministries in St. Louis. Senator McCarter invited the Mercy residents and staff to be his special guests at the Illinois State Capitol and were announced on the Senate floor. Senator McCarter’s wife, Victoria, went along as well. It was so cool to have them send pictures from this event as well as to hear in their own words what this meant to them. Here’s what Victoria had to say in an email I received from her.

I wanted to share a few photos with you from the Mercy girl's trip to Springfield. We took the girls to the governor's mansion, then to the Capitol where the girls were announced on the Senate floor and Kyle spoke about Mercy and their success rate. Next, the girls watched the Senate while it was in session and took a guided tour of the capitol.

Afterward, Kyle spoke with the girls about not limiting what God can do in their lives. Finally, our Senate minority leader, Christine Rodogno, met the girls on the steps of the capitol and spoke to them with a similar message. We were absolutely blessed with beautiful weather and the day going off without a hitch - a rarity at the capitol! Kyle and I are so excited about having the opportunity to do this for the girls, and we will continue to promote the work of Mercy in the state of Illinois!

Much love to you, Nancy! We are truly grateful for your friendship and for the work Jesus is doing in the lives of the Mercy girls. Being with the girls is always the highlight of our week!



Anonymous said...

That's so exciting! I find it so refreshing that a senator is choosing to invest in lives in such a personal way. Awesome.

Ali Davis said...

we need more senators and other government officials like the McCarter's!! i am so glad that the st. louis girls had such an awesome opportunity! it sounds like they had fun! love ya, nancy!

Kimmi_Restored said...

I love the McCarters, they are like the best mercy parents ever! they are such amazing people and the love that they have for the mercy girls is awesome! Hugs to my mercy mom and dad