Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amazing Graduate Update – Part 2

I heard from a young lady just today named Sarah. She gave me permission to share with you what she sent our way. You may remember back on Monday, May 18 that I posted a full story about Sarah. In case you didn’t see that blog, I’m going to re-post it here so you can scan it and refresh your memory about who she is. Then at the very bottom, I’m going share the note that I just got from her today with an amazing update and a very exciting announcement. So the new message is at the very bottom of today’s blog – I wanted you all to see the amazing door that God has opened for Sarah. It is so cool! Our biggest desire is for all the girls that leave Mercy to go out into the world, wherever God may lead them, and make a difference by touching the lives of other people. A huge door of opportunity has opened for Sarah, and I could not be more thrilled. I wanted to share it with you, so here it is…


I just received an update from yet another one of our amazing graduates. I never get tired of hearing how God heals broken hearts and gives beauty for ashes – He is truly a restorer! Not only has He restored Sarah, but He is using her in great ways to help others who are struggling with the same issues that she herself once struggled with. On top of that, she just graduated from college and plans to be married to an awesome guy in September. Check this out – it’s really cool!

To the Mercy Staff and Residents,

Hi, this is Sarah. I realized today that it has been nearly a year since I last wrote you an update. Life has been busy. Since graduating from Mercy on August 15th 2006, God has continued to give me the future I never thought was possible. I graduated from college with a degree in youth ministry this past May. Right away, I began working with at-risk junior high and high school girls as a dorm mom at a Christian boarding school.

This year has been so positive for me. Community and “adulthood” have stretched me. I was really lonely and overwhelmed when I transitioned from college to working in the dorm, but Christ met me here. I began to pray more than ever before because I realized how inadequate I am in myself. My top priorities in working in the dorm are that the girls would know Jesus intimately, see potential and value in their lives and futures, and heal the pains which brought many of them here. I can’t do any of these things, so I pray for them… and I pray for myself that the love of Christ would pour through me.

Besides growing much closer to Christ, one of the most rewarding things God has done for me in 2009 is that I have begun to see Him specifically using my pain and my testimony to reach the girls. Last night, I was sitting with a girl who has some hurt and oppression in her life. I was telling her again that I believe Christ wants to and is healing her. I showed her my journal from before I went to Mercy, showed her the desperate, tormented prayers for God to save me from the “hell” I was existing in. She said, “This is how I feel, I didn’t know that anybody else felt this way.” Then she asked me, “If I wanted to ask Jesus in my heart, could you show me how?” I could sense Him there with us as we asked Him to be Lord of our lives. She is still fighting the darkness. I am still praying for freedom and that she won’t give up.

This past Christmas, I got engaged to my high school sweetheart. This is another huge miracle for a girl who assumed she was too damaged to ever expect to find love. My fiancee is truly a man of God. He fights my battles with me. When I am tired and sick or when I have failed in some way; I find old thought patterns will surface, but Tim prays for me and my thinking clears. Then he tells me and whoever is around to hear, “I am marrying the most beautiful woman in the world. I love all that she is because God has designed her perfect for me.” He has shown me how God treats me gently and patiently. We believe that God is healing us and preparing us to be missionaries. Since Tim is still finishing his undergraduate work, I am moving back to McPherson Kansas in mid August and we will get married on Sept 12th.

I also have been working towards my Master’s Degree in Religion/Biblical Studies through Liberty University. I am on track to graduate again this summer, which I find serendipitous because then I will again have my time free to focus on being a good wife. I know it will be hard at first because as I tell Tim, “I’ve never done this before.” I am anxious to gain experience though. My wedding dress is a strapless, ribbon lace, a-line… simple but elegant… I am going to carry lilies because Tim and I love the passage in Song of Songs that says “like a lily among thorns is my darling among the maidens.” I have reserved the church, but that is the extent of my wedding planning. I decided I was too busy with everything else to care anymore than that.

Big prayer requests for us at this time are: (1)That our relationship would honor God through our practice of intentional purity and sacrificial love. (2) That we would find jobs and an appartment in McPherson and have grace as we transition into a new stage of life. (3)That God would prepare us spiritually, emotionally, and financially to serve in international missions.

Know that I am praying for the work of Mercy. I am indebted to Nancy’s obedience to God’s call and every staff member who has sacrificed to show Christ to a broken girl like me. I really can’t thank you enough. Just know that I love my life and that Tim and I are committed to spreading the gospel. Know that the impact you made for Christ in my life is having an impact for Christ in the girls I work with. His kingdom is here and coming. His Word has been made flesh.

I love you each so much.

Together in Christ



Hey Nancy!

As you know, I am getting married this September to a man who loves God with his whole heart and moving into a new job which is what prompted me to write you this update in the first place. I wanted to let you know that I just was given the director of client services position for the pregnancy service center in Salina. I am really excited to be a part of this ministry... they are so focused on ministering to their clients and promoting the cause of life.

This life I have right now comes from complete dependence on Christ. He continues to give me grace. Thank you for Mercy and life. Please pray for me as I will have to face my fears even more in this new job position. I know Christ is faithful. I know He can work even through me... and I know I still need a healer. I need Him more.

Mercy is in my prayers and thoughts. Know that your ministry really is being multiplied throughout the world in the ministry of us "Mercy girls." I love you and am so grateful.

Together in Christ



Michelle :) said...

so awesome! lives restored, hope renewed! God is so good- and satan lost again!