Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jude!!!

Today is Jude’s birthday – he is 11 years old! Interesting story behind Jude and the timing of his birthday...

On December 28, 1998 – exactly 11 years ago today, I found out that my dog, Nehemiah, who was 13 at the time was diagnosed with cancer and would only have a few weeks to live. The doctor was surprised to find that he made it all the way to February 26, 1999 – almost two full months. Dr. Vaden, who is the most awesome vet in the world, told me that he was pretty sure Nehemiah was kept alive on love because physically he should not be able to live for two more months. During that two month period, Nehemiah actually celebrated his 14th birthday. As you can imagine, I was pretty torn up at the loss of a dog I had had since he was six weeks old.

Well, I made it about two weeks before I realized that I had to go get another dog. I have always had Shelties, and they have always played a huge part in the ministry to the girls at Mercy. I contacted a local breeder and was told that she had two males that I could choose from that were approximately eight weeks old. It didn’t take me long to figure out which one belonged to me because as soon as I picked Jude up, he snuggled up to my face and gave me a big wet kiss on my cheek. It was then that I knew that he was the one for me.

For some reason, I felt to ask the breeder when these puppies were born, and she quickly told me that they were born on December 28th, 1998. It’s pretty cool to learn that the very day I found out that Nehemiah had cancer and wouldn’t have long to live was the very day that this little guy was born. And he has been, quite frankly, the best dog I have ever had.

Whether it’s grief over the loss of a pet or the loss of a loved one, God always brings His comfort in some way. Jude has been such a blessing in my life, and I just wanted to take you back in time and show you the first day that I picked him up when he was about eight weeks old and how cute he was. There are also some other pictures of him with me and hanging out with some of the girls at the home. Today’s shout out is for Jude. Happy Birthday to a very special friend to our staff and girls, but mostly to me! I hope you have a great day.



HRLMercygirl said...

I remember Jude for his crazy quirks, as I'm sure many mercy girls do - barking into a pillow when you'd hit the pillow, running in circles and barking when the mailman came, ect. What a great dog - always good to give us a smile on a rough day. :) Thank you, Jude! Happy Birthday!!

Tabitha said...

Aww happy birthday to Jude! He was my buddy when I was at Mercy. It's also cool to find out that his birthday is 3 days after Christmas because mine is 3 days before! Ther is not a day that goes by that I don't think about my buddy Jude!

-Tabitha Moore

Tamara said...

Awe! Happy Birthday Munchkin! I miss you so much!

Yvonne Green said...

I remember when I had my picture made with Jude as so many others
Its almost as if Jude never runs out of love Jude has helped so many and will continue to help others simply by the love that only Jude can give
Aah Happy Birthday JUDE !!!!!!!!!!

Ali Davis said...


i know how much joshua (in monroe) helped me when i was his dog mom. there's something about having to take care of another life, that is 100% dependent on you, that teaches you so much about taking care of your own.

tank you, nancy, for having the shelties in the homes. they're a constant source of laughter, and they know when the girls are upset. josh knew when i need a lick on my face, and he hung around near me when i had a hard time. i don't know if it's dogs in general, or if shelties are really sensitive, but they seem to sense when the mercy girls struggle. or maybe you pray that over them? ;)

love ya, nancy!

~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

Nancy, He is so cute. I really love the picture of him in the jersey and football. Happy Birthday Jude!

Kelli said...
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KateyKat said...

I miss Jude! (and Jonah and Moses) I was always connected to those dogs. I have a cute Jude/Jonah photo I can try to share..both are on picture, one on either side, both yawning. If that link doesnt show up as a click link just cut and paste.