Friday, December 11, 2009

A Mercy Moment with Pastors John and Helen Burns

It has been an amazing last couple of days as we have had Pastors John and Helen Burns with us from Vancouver, Canada. The girls and staff have been greatly impacted by our time together. John and Helen also got to be a part of our great Christmas fundraising event last night, as well as attend our graduation today. I just wanted to give John and Helen an opportunity to share with you on today’s blog….

Pastor John Burns -

“It has been another time of the revelation of how important dads are. With all of these amazing girls, I hear their stories and just recognize that the world is in pain, but that we can make a difference. Mercy is a miracle house. If people don’t believe in miracles, just come to Mercy. We’ve witnessed amazing miracles in these young girls after the pain that they have gone through. I recognize as a dad how important it is that I not only be a good dad, but hopefully teach others and become a part of the answer to such a hurting world out there.”

Pastor Helen Burns -

“I’m so excited! What a full few days of coming along and getting to speak to the staff and girls. It’s absolutely mind blowing what can happen in such a few short days and hours. We were also able to be here last night for the wonderful Merry Mercy Christmas Benefit. Wow, that was so inspiring because we are getting ready to launch Mercy in just a couple of months in Canada! I feel like we’re just taking it all in, absorbing, getting great ideas, and feeling more proud than ever to be involved with an organization as magnificent as this. It really is amazing in every way – the staff and obviously Nancy – she’s a legend - but to watch the staff come together has been incredible! Today we were at a graduation and wow! We saw six amazing women with some of the most unbelievable stories. The stories are just heartbreaking, yet you see so much hope. You see such healing, and I am so excited that we get to be a part of this ministry and bring the miracle that Mercy is to Canada as well. It’s been truly two of the most impactful days of our lives. Thanks for being amazing.”