Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Graduate's Dream Comes True...

Arianne came to Mercy in 2007 with an eating disorder and struggling with self-harm. After graduating from the program, Arianne continued to pray for her dream of living in England to come true. I just received this awesome update from Arianne sharing how God is fulfilling her dreams…
Hi Nancy,

I wanted to update you on what God is currently doing in my life. It’s been almost 3 years since I graduated from Mercy. At times, I still can’t believe that God changed, delivered, and set me free!

Since I was very little, I’ve had a dream of living in England. Due to the hopelessness and issues that I was living in, I didn’t ever think my dreams would come to reality. I had crossed out all of my dreams. It wasn’t until I was at Mercy and Jane Hamon ministered to me. She said that God is the dream maker and wants to bring my dreams to pass. I immediately thought of my dream for England and since then, I’ve had hope that it would come to pass.

I’m SO excited to say that God is finally bringing this dream to reality! In April, I am going to Harpenden, UK to attend Youth With A Mission for a six month discipleship training school. During that time, I’ll be learning and doing outreach in England for three months and then outreach in another country for three months. Since God has renewed this dream in me, He has given me a passion for the lost in the UK – to bring back His people to Him and to reclaim Christianity as the only faith in the UK.

Thank you for following God’s call on your life. May He continue to bless you richly!

I was so excited to hear from Arianne how God is answering her prayers and fulfilling her dreams. I hope this encourages you to continue to believe God for the dreams that are in your heart – He is the dream maker.

Have a great night!