Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello from California!

I just wanted to say “hi” from California and let you know that I’m having such a great time doing the things of God that I haven’t even had time to do a blog – imagine that! It all started on Thursday with a conference called GodChicks in Los Angeles, then speaking in Sacramento at a “Celebrate America” event with over 10,000 people, and then enjoying a worship service with Natalie Grant and Pastor Greg Fairrington on Sunday, and then lunch and fellowship with special friends followed by two full days of ministry (yesterday and today) at our Lincoln home in the Sacramento, CA area. It has been a great two days for our 40 girls and staff to enjoy the ministry of Jane and Crystal Hamon. It’s been such a powerful time of ministry...so much happening!!! Led one of our residents who has only been here for four days into a prayer of salvation today! She received Jesus as her Savior and is now a new creation in Christ -- SO FUN! I’ll share more with you later and even include some pictures. I hope your week is going well!


Cassandra said...

Another miracle... wow... I keep on being told that Mercy is a "magical place", but it is sure a place where lives are saved and miracles happen! I found out yesterday that my miracles with Mercy will be starting on July 13th, as I'll be entering the St. Louis home on that special day!! Mercy has already been a miracle in my life, as I never thought I was good enough to get in... but God has shown me already it has nothing to do with performance, but rather the committment and dedication of my life of getting to know Him that makes the difference.

Thank you for being such an inspiration, Nancy!