Friday, August 27, 2010

Mercy Graduate Now Missionary in Guatemala...

I just received the most amazing update from Mercy graduate, Kim, about what God is doing through her ministry in Guatemala!!! NOT ONLY THAT, but she gave me an amazing update of how God has restored her relationship with her family! This past month her family came to Guatemala to serve with her for a week, and Kim sent me this amazing update about how God has restored her family. I have also posted pictures highlighting Kim reaching out to others there, along with pictures of when her family came. This story is way too powerful not to take the time to read and we share this with Kim’s permission.

In Kim’s own words…

Hey there Nancy!

I hope you and everything in Nashville are going wonderfully!

I wanted to take a moment to share something with you…

I am still here in Panimaquin, Guatemala, continuing to stand amazed as to how the Lord desires to use me and how He is using my former shame to bring about hope and encouragement for the people here in the village. I am continually in awe of our Abba's immense love and how He pours it over me and through me.

This past month in the village, the Lord blessed me in such an amazing way... he brought my family here to serve for a week! My mom, step-dad, and cousin all boarded a plane to come to minister here in Guatemala... It was a confirmation that brought so much peace to my heart. There are not words sufficient to describe this immense blessing! For me, it was a certain picture of how the Lord has not only restored and redeemed me, a once tattered, hopeless, depressed, and severely bound individual, but how He has also restored my family! For years, I never wanted my family to be a part of my life, and I did all I could to keep distance between us, but God has restored my family! He has restored the relationship with my mom that was destroyed in many ways, and He has given me a relationship with my step-dad who was never given an opportunity to hold a place in my life due to much fear and transference of past abuse from my own father... It was absolutely an experience for me that will be forever etched in my heart!

Thank you for opening Mercy's doors to me, not only to me, but to my family as well! I am so grateful for how the Lord has used Mercy to change my life, but also to change the life of my family!

God bless you!
Thanks so much!


Kim we are so proud of you, and so proud to be one of your supporters!

Kim with a young woman she's reaching out to...

Kim with some of the kids she works with

Kim with her mom and stepdad

Kim's cousin, Michelle, with the children

Kim and her family with all of Kim’s students after a devotional where they all received Bibles


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