Friday, August 20, 2010

A Surprise Visitor 18 Years Later!! You’ve Got To See This!!!

Almost 19 years ago, a young girl named Angela walked through the doors very distraught in her life and facing an unplanned pregnancy. Yesterday that same girl walked back through the doors of Mercy, now a beautiful young woman who is happily married with three children of her own and currently serving as a youth pastor. Not only did Angela come to visit me, but along with her was the adoptive mom that she chose to raise her son over 18 years ago. Miles made the decision that he was ready to meet his birthmother, and his adoptive mom Wendy was thrilled to help facilitate and bless their meeting for the first time. They came together on Monday and met for the very first time, and yesterday they dropped by Mercy to share their joy with me. I thought it would bless you to know that what was a little baby boy 18 years ago is now a fine young man who is in a military training school. He was so proud to show off his uniform and tell me all about his life. Not only was Miles adopted, but his adoptive mother Wendy, was also chosen by two other Mercy birthmothers as well, which means that Miles has a little brother and a little sister that are very special to him. It was such a joy to me to see how God has blessed all parties involved just as He promised that He would so many years ago when these decisions were first made.

Me, Miles, Wendy (Adoptive Mom), Miles' brother, Samuel, and Miles' sister, Savannah

Me, Angela (Birthmother), Miles, and Wendy (Adoptive Mom)

Me and Miles

If you are facing a difficult decision today, I hope God’s faithfulness in the lives of all involved in this story will speak to your heart and encourage you.



Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

I hope many people read this post. True stories like this just fill your spirit and lift you. It's strengthening and refreshing. Now I'm ready to go bless others. What a wonderful God we have. Blessings to Everyone. How awesome to see it turn out.

mrs. r said...

i saw this on the #adoption twitter feed! SO FABULOUS!! what a great story. i am sharing this on my fb page stat!

Kerry said...

This is so great! GOD is so great!!

In the last picture, Miles looks like he wants to burst into the biggest smile and is trying to contain himself! And you look beautiful, as always!

~Lisa, Scot, and Timmy said...

How Awesome!

Ali Davis said...

this really blessed me! i made an awful decision with my pregnancy, but it's stories like this that really show that God blesses the girls that make the selfless decision to choose life!