Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One Year Later…

One of my favorite things that I love to share is when I hear from one of our graduates. This particular graduate, Kati, just celebrated her one year Anniversary of coming into Mercy Ministries. Thought it might help somebody out there who’s thinking about seeking help to hear her perspective back then, and how much different she is today. If you’re out there and you need help, please let this testimony encourage you!

“I remember this day (July 22, 2009) very distinctly last year. I remember sitting in the airport bawling my eyes out afraid of what the future would look like if I went and more afraid of what I looked like if I didn’t. I went to Mercy wanting freedom but not truly believing that it was possible for ME.

I am so thankful that I took that scary step. I have no doubt that choosing life was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make, but it is also the best decision I ever made. I went into the program full of doubt, shame, and fear, and I left free, knowing that Christ died for MY freedom! I still have to choose life each and every day, but ultimately, I know that the battle is already won whether I feel like it or not.

I have so much in life for be thankful for, and I often overlook all the blessings God so lavishly pours upon me. I am so thankful to everyone who played such an integral part in my journey over the past year. Thank you for your obedience in what God has called you to do because I was on the other side of that obedience. Thank you for your patience and love during the process. Thank you for giving me hope that life could be different than what I was living. Some days I may feel like I’m just flying like other birds, but ultimately, I know that I was called to soar!”

Celebrating Christmas in the Louisiana home

Kati while she was at Mercy


Ali Davis said...

i love reading graduate updates!! and i love that because of YOUR obedience, nancy, girls like us have that freedom and hope and futures! thank you, thank you, thank you!! love ya!! <3