Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Author And Career Development Expert Lynette Lewis Speaks At Mercy…

It was our awesome privilege today at Mercy Ministries in Nashville to host Lynette Lewis from New York City, who is an author and nationally known speaker. Lynette is an expert in career development and also specializes in marketing and branding. She was also in Nashville to speak to Dave Ramsey’s staff, and it was our joy to be able to share her time with our dear friends at Financial Peace.

Lynette is renowned the world over as an inspirational and motivational keynote speaker helping people find the true meaning of life and achieve goals beyond their highest hopes and dreams. Lynette is a graduate of Oral Roberts University, and now serves on its Board of Trustees. Lynette and her husband, Ron Lewis, founded Strategic Global Initiatives (SGI) a non-profit organization dedicated to giving a “voice to the vulnerable” around the world.

Today, Lynette chose to share with our residents about how she waited until God brought her the mate she knew was right for her. Lynette went into great detail about how this was a challenge to her faith since she actually did not get married until age 42. She went on to tell this amazing story of how her husband, Ron, was well worth the wait!!!

Lynette and her husband, Ron, are dear friends and supporters of the work we do here at Mercy. We look forward to having Lynette back again soon!!!


Lynette Lewis said...

What an honor to speak to the Mercy girls! Nancy, your organization exudes excellence at every turn. What a tremendous work you and your partners have built together. Thank you for the privilege of being your friend and fellow passionate lover of His Kingdom. Ron and I love you and Mercy!