Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Special Time Of Ministry With Higher Ground…

It was our great joy to host dear friends, Mercy supporters, and musical group Higher Ground at Mercy here in Nashville yesterday. Higher Ground, featuring Wayne Hilliard, Eddie Combs, and Rodney Jordan (pictured below), made a lasting impact on our Nashville residents. They led us in a time of powerful worship, as well as making prophetic declarations over the lives of both residents and staff. It is so hard to describe just how amazing this time of ministry really was, so I thought I would share with you comments from a few of the girls and what they had to say…

WOW! This was awesome! I could feel God’s presence through the whole house! Their songs are so powerful! - Nikki

So much impacted me from this message. Hearing them speak over some of the girls was amazing. I was also encouraged when they said, “You may have done what they say you did, but you’re not who they say you are.” I have been called so many things, but I’m not that person anymore. I know God will heal my life. – Tori

This was awesome! It blessed me so much when they shared Ephesians 1:4, that even before He made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in His eyes. - Jessica

Special thanks to Wayne, Eddie, and Rodney for taking the time to come and share with us! Higher Ground travels and ministers in churches and conferences across this nation and other nations around the world, and we were so blessed to have them here at Mercy yesterday. If you are interested in learning more about Higher Ground and/or checking out some of their music, visit their website at

Higher Ground pictured left to right: Wayne, Eddie, and Rodney

Higher Ground pictured with Gina, who received a great personal breakthrough yesterday during our time of worship

I was thrilled to have our dear friends with us at Mercy!

Wayne Hilliard, leader of Higher Ground, spoke so accurately
into the lives of our girls…