Monday, June 13, 2011

Amazing Weekend in Texas Prisons with Mike Barber and Team!!!

Katelyn, DeAnne Barber, Me and Mike Barber
It was my great joy to spend an awesome weekend speaking to female inmates in four different women’s prisons in Texas. I am so in awe of Mike and DeAnne Barber for their years of dedication, 25 to be exact, as they have faithfully done what Jesus told us to do. We are clearly told in Mark 16 to go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature, and part of that world includes prisoners that Christ died for and wants to reach with His message of salvation. I so love Mike and DeAnne’s heart, and have to give a shout out to their son, Brandon, for his leadership in making this weekend possible. I was in awe as I watched hundreds of inmates respond to the gospel message and invite Christ into their hearts. The teaching was first class, the worship was first class, and the team was first class!!! There is no way I can fully report everything that happened, but it was just such a touching time for me and my Executive Assistant, Katelyn Rollins, to be a part of. Please check out their ministry at I strongly encourage you to make a financial gift to this amazing ministry because of all they are doing. No doubt one day Mike, DeAnne, Brandon, and the entire team will hear Jesus say, “when I was in prison, you visited me…”

Please pray for and support this much needed and greatly underappreciated ministry. Hope you have a great week!



르네 said...

great report - God is setting the captives free!

Janet Galyen said...

Wow, Nancy. I'm so glad this was such a powerful time!!! Mema and mom told me you were doing this, and I just knew God would use you. What an incredible and necessary opportunity. Wish I could have been there to see the Spirit move!