Thursday, June 23, 2011

Check Out Mercy’s New Leather Wristbands To Help End Sex Trafficking!

You can help us end sex trafficking one victim at a time by purchasing this wristband and also sharing it with others. I really love this wristband because it’s leather and has two silver snaps that make it adjustable and unique! We just got these in, and I have been wearing mine every single day. We are very excited about our End Sex Trafficking Initiative, and you can help get the word out by spreading the news -- retweet, TwitPic, share on your Facebook wall, forward to your friends, or even purchase several wristbands as a gift that you can give away.

We decided to initially offer this wristband at a very special price of $8 – one, because we want to make it affordable for everyone to buy for themselves and their friends. Also, the number eight signifies new beginnings, and you can be a part of that new beginning because 100% of the proceeds for this wristband will go to bring transformation to the lives of these young women who have been so traumatized by this injustice.
Just think about it, you can actually help us bring restoration to the lives of these young women. No doubt that people will ask you about these wristbands, and that will make a way for you to be an official advocate for this effort! Just think about it! We can use this as a tool to share with others how even trafficking victims can receive a new beginning and be healed and restored. However, this can only happen through the freedom to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with each girl, one victim at a time. Will you join us and make this possible? Click here to purchase your very own End Sex Trafficking wristband!