Friday, May 11, 2012

Beatles Mania Hits Mercy... God Style!!!

It’s extremely rare to find the Beatles at the forefront of what goes on at Mercy Ministries, but this week that was actually the case. In two of our locations, St. Louis and Nashville, my dear friend, Ken Mansfield, came and spoke to our residents and staff. Ken is the only person I know on the planet that has the ability to share intimate details about the Beatles and the Gospel at the same time! He was the US manager at Apple Records and directed the Beatles’ US career on many levels. He was not only involved in business, but was a close personal friend. Since that time with the Beatles, Ken has committed his life to Christ and has written two books. His wife Connie has been a personal friend of mine for over 30 years, and she was instrumental in leading him to the Lord prior to their marriage. Today Ken and Connie travel across the United States speaking about his journey, both with the Beatles and with Christ. Ken will be the first to tell you that there’s no comparison between the two, as he was fully given his life to Christ and found a unique niche in his ability to engage others in connecting with their Savior and Creator.

This was Ken and Connie’s first visit to our St. Louis home. Both staff and girls were blown away by their message and their love and support of Mercy Ministries. Though not a stranger to our Nashville home, this was Ken’s first time to visit in quite some time so he was speaking to an entirely new group of residents and even some new staff members. It was a tremendous week where God used Ken and Connie in a powerful way to touch the lives of so many, and last night Ken was a guest on our Mercy Multiplied radio show and will be so again this evening at 5:15 PM CST! Not only Ken, but we had a surprise guest as Ken’s close pal Phil Keaggy dropped by to join him on the program. These two were quite the team and Phil is also a Mercy supporter!

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the pictures from our special time this week. If you’re a Beatles fan, you definitely need to check out Ken’s website and order his books today. There is no one out there that can give the kind of detail that Ken provides with amazing pictures and a true inside look at this legendary group! We love you, Ken and Connie… you are very special and we consider you a part of our Mercy family!!!

Ken had the Nashville residents on the edge of their seats!

Ken and Connie at our Nashville home
Ken and Connie hanging out with the St. Louis residents
Ken Mansfield and Phil Keaggy struck a pose for us in the Mercy Multiplied studio!