Thursday, May 3, 2012

Special Guest from UK in Nashville

Hey everyone! Katelyn here. Nancy’s currently out of town, but I wanted to share with you all about a very special guest I had the privilege of hosting this past Tuesday. Abs Niblock from Abundant Life Church (Pastored by Steve and Charlotte Gambill) in Bradford, England came to Mercy to share with our staff and girls. Abs and her husband are the youth pastors at Abundant Life Church, as well as oversee one of the church campuses.

I first met Abs last September in Springfield, MO when we were both there for the Designed for Life Women’s Conference hosted by Debbie Lindell and James River Assembly. Abs and I had a great time getting to know each other and I was so excited when I found out she was going to be in Nashville, so of course we invited her to come share at Mercy!

Abs spoke a powerful message about the power of vision and the importance of having a vision for your life. Abs shared about not getting distracted by the obstacles and hurdles that may try to get in the way of your vision, but to rather stay focused on Jesus. Many of the residents shared how timely this message was and others said this was the best message they had ever heard! Here’s what a few of the girls had to say…

“I freaking loved this message and her accent (LOL), but for real this was such a great message and definitely what I needed to hear especially since I have spent the past couple of days legit freaking out about graduating – standing in front of everyone and giving my testimony. Well in the middle of this message, I finally came to terms with it and became at peace that I was going to get up there and talk because it is not about me – it is about God and His glory, and awesomeness. ‘If God says I can, then I can, but if I say I can’t then that is my own limitation.’ I really liked that statement she made because it is so true in my life. I have set so many limitations on myself and would look at different visions/dreams that I would have and then back down because of all the obstacles or giants that stood in the way. Not realizing/grasping that God is so much bigger than anything I will ever face and with Him all things are possible! I need to keep my focus on Jesus and not on what I can or can’t do. I need to stop being led around, whether by my past friends or circumstances. I am done settling for less and backing down – God is on my side and He is bigger than anything that I face. My life has a purpose and I will see my vision become reality – I just need to keep my focus on Jesus and remain steadfast in Him.” – Nikki, current Nashville resident

“Wow, Abs was so good. For so long I have let the devil discourage me by making my obstacles bigger than my vision. I cannot let my vision be drowned out by obstacles. Everything in Abs’ message totally resonated in my spirit. I have a vision, and I am going to see it come to pass!!” – Madeline, current Nashville resident

“This message was amazing. She was probably my favorite guest speaker we have had. I loved her!! I loved how she talked about my need to have a vision and not let the obstacles distract you from your vision!! I am being called to be an evangelist, I know I am, and I have been scared because I keep thinking about the obstacles that could keep me from being that. However, this message completely cleared things up for me!! I needed that.” – Niki, current Nashville resident

Special thanks to Abs for coming and sharing with our girls! I hope this encourages you to seek God for your vision and/or to stay focused on the vision God has already given you for your life!