Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Fun in Nashville!

Nancy’s assistants, Katelyn and Reid here. Nancy is currently jet setting around the world spreading the vision of Mercy, but we thought you might like to see an inside look at how our Nashville residents celebrated the Memorial Day holiday this week and hear their comments. A huge thanks to the Millsaps family for throwing such a special BBQ celebration for our residents – the girls absolutely loved it!

“Having people come over and throw a BBQ for us really did make this seem like a home! To have people do something so great for all us girls, while expecting nothing in return, was really inspiring. It showed me that doing something so small can have a really big impact!” – Jennifer, Current Mercy Resident

 “I really enjoyed my day. It was so relaxed. I was so grateful when we had a family come and spend their Memorial Day with us. They were so sweet and it meant a lot to me that they came. Plus, the food was amazing!” – Lexie, Current Mercy Resident

 “It was very kind of the Millsaps family to come and make dinner for us! I especially appreciated how they made an effort to get to know us and talk to us. It created more of a family type atmosphere that was perfect for a holiday.” – Heather, Current Mercy Resident

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day holiday as well…we would love to hear how about it!

- Katelyn and Reid