Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fishers of Men and Fishers of Fish!!!

Yesterday I had the awesome priviledge of speaking in Destin to approximately 500 marketplace and communitity leaders including business leaders, political leaders, law enforcement and government officials, and pastors from 15 different churches in the area. Not only was it a great time to connect with the locals here and share the vision of the next Mercy Ministries home, which will be located between Destin and Panama City, but it was also a great excuse to find my way into the water. I love fishing for men, but I have actually discovered a love of fishing for FISH! Thought you might enjoy seeing the 20 pound amberjack I caught this morning, along with numerous other types and sizes of fish. It was so fun! Special thanks and shout out to my wonderful host Captain Mike Parker and his beautiful wife Marguerite. This is truly a day that I will never forget!!!