Monday, June 1, 2009

Cherish Conference 2009

I returned from speaking at the Cherish Conference in the UK, hosted by Charlotte Scanlon-Gambill at Abundant Life Church in Bradford.

Pictured below is the amazing crowd – we had to do two back to back conferences to accommodate the registrations.

It was so fun to experience Ayiesha Woods’ music in person for the first time!

It was also great to get to speak with Charlotte Scanlon-Gambill, Christine Caine, and Dianne Wilson. We had fun hanging out together each night after the evening sessions.

The theme of the conference was Urban Angels, as we were all challenged to go back and make a difference in our individual communities and focus on meeting the needs of others. Last year at the Cherish Conference, Charlotte received a special offering to build a school for child soldiers in Gulu, Uganda. It was so amazing this year to actually see video footage of when Charlotte got to go to Uganda, dedicate the school, and see it filled with all of these kids who have been rescued from being held captive as child soldiers who were forced to do horrendous acts against mankind – brutal acts such as murdering babies and killing their own family members against their will. However, with the school that was built from the offering that was received at Cherish last year, these former child soldiers are now being healed, restored, and given an education so they can be the future leaders that God is raising up in their nation to make a difference. It is amazing how God can take what a few people come together and give to make such a great difference in the lives of others.

I just wanted to share this with you because it really touched me. This was definitely one of the highlights of my stay while I was there.

Here are a few other pictures from this amazing conference…


Ka said...

Dear Nancy,
I'm not usually someone to write to speakers after I have attended a conference/seminar, but this will have to be an exception to the rule. I attended the second Cherish conference session and really enjoyed it. This is very much an understatement as Cherish was an experience that dug deep and caused many paradigm shifts. How do you describe something so powerful?

Nevertheless, I want to thank you for listening what God had put in your heart so many years ago. I am one of the fortunate ladies that doesn't know the kind of heart ache you have helped many women with. But I have friends who do. And seeing their faces after hearing you talk, was something really amazing. One of them was so excited about you being there that she turned around and said to me 'I almost wet my pants when I saw Nancy!' She really wanted to talk to you, but she feared that she will only stare at your with her mouth wide open, not knowing what to say.

My friends had hope, where they thought was no hope. But you have also helped mobilize someone who has this huge desire to reach out to women. And I know that something amazing is growing in her heart.

A huge thank you from me and may you be blessed with more than you can imagine or dream of.