Monday, June 8, 2009

Blast from the Past

Hey! I know that so many of you that follow my blog are also big BarlowGirl fans. As you know, BarlowGirl is fully behind the cause of Mercy Ministries, and they have literally taken us on tour with them for the past year and plan to continue with their upcoming Fall Tour. This means that they show a video about Mercy and talk about the ministry at all of their shows, encouraging all of their concert attendees to support the work of Mercy. They also have a booth set up where people can get more information about Mercy.

I first met BarlowGirl at the end of 2000 in Florida when they sang at an event that I was a guest speaker for. That was long before they had their first recording contract and before they were known as they are today. I thought you just might like to know the background of how we met and the history we have together. The next really big thing that we did together was when they came and sang at the Grand Opening of our St. Louis home in September of 2005. Check out these pictures from that event - what a special day it was. Hundreds of girls have walked through the doors of our St. Louis home and graduated the program since that day. They too are all about seeing lives transformed. So fun. Isn’t God so good?!

Barlow Girl also came to help us celebrate our 25th Anniversary in Nashville last year. Check out some of the pictures from that awesome time...

Check out BarlowGirl’s website to learn more about them and see their Fall Tour schedule –


Ali Davis said...
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Ali Davis said...

i adore barlowgirl, and i've gotten something out of every one of their songs over the years; even if i've heard it before. different seasons of my life have brought new things out of their songs. i think it's fantastic that there's STILL a connection with mercy and barlowgirl, and i pray it continues far into the future.

love ya, nancy! you're in my prayers! <3

Kimmi_Restored said...

I love the Barlow girls! Their music helped me even before Mercy. I actualyl found out about Mercy through Barlow Girl's myspace and applied then. I can't wait till they come to Charlotte this year, and I'm gonna see if I can help work the mercy table!