Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Point of Grace Rocks the House!

Our relationship with Point of Grace first began 17 years ago when they decided to take Mercy Ministries on as their one and only cause, and be our national spokesperson. Since that time, they have raised millions of dollars to enable us to help young women get the help that they so desperately need. I have remained close personal friends with the girls over the years, and I treasure our very special friendship.

Last night was like having all of the family come home for Christmas – it was so cool to be back together with them again! The setting was totally informal, and the girls even had opportunities to have individual pictures made with the Point of Grace chicks. We also opened this evening up for our staff to come, as well as those who participated in our recent marathon to raise money for the cause. The girls from Point of Grace did not want to run the marathon, as Denise humorously pointed out with her interaction with the group last night, but they did want to bless those who did help to raise significant amounts of money for the ministry. There was both laughter and tears as we experienced a very intimate and informal evening together that was completely heartfelt. I wanted to share with you some of the pictures from last night, as well as some of the comments made from our Mercy family.

“It was great. They spoke of their support for Mercy and how much they believe in the ministry. It was neat to see how they related some of their past experiences to the residents. A lot of their songs spoke to Mercy’s vision and mission, which was so encouraging. They reminded all of us about the Lord’s goodness and grace.” – Kay, Team Mercy Runner

“I liked when they talked about not letting your past define your future. I’ve been struggling with that a lot lately. So, it was a good reminder that my future is bright despite what I have done in the past.”

“I really enjoyed the concert! It was nice to be a little relaxed, but be able to hear some good music and a good message. I had a lot of fun.” – Mercy Resident, Sam

“It was good to hear one of their testimonies about how she finally made peace with God. It was encouraging to hear that there is no sin too big for God to not forgive. I realized that God can take away the shame that tries to overwhelm me.” – Ashleigh, Mercy Staff Member


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How Awesome! I remember getting to see the POG girls when I was in Mercy back in 1994-1995. They are such awesome women of God! I know the Mercy girls will remember that time as a special time.