Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Doors


I thought it might be cool today to give you an inside look at the relational bonds that grow between the girls and the staff at Mercy as they go through the program. One of the cool things that the girls came up with on their own, and it has become a Mercy tradition, is that they keep up with every staff member’s birthday, and the night before their birthday, the girls go and decorate that staff person’s door. They personalize it for that staff person’s lifestyle or interests. For example, I’m a big football fan (particularly a fan of the Tennessee Titans) and I love my dog, Jude, so the girls did a whole football theme on my office door because the opening game of the season for the Titans was on my birthday. The girls love doing this because they know it’s such a blessing when the staff come in on their birthday and their door is all decorated with special notes from the girls.

Here are some samples of the sweet and encouraging messages they leave -

Dear Nancy,

I am always amazed when I think about your love for us girls and our precious Savior. I know this kind of ministry comes with an awesome portion of anointing and favor. I am also taken back by the sacrifice and obedience it requires. I love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for all you have done. Your life has touched the lives of so many others and I'm so grateful when you take the time to visit the Nashville home!


I hope you have a very blessed birthday! Thank you for all that you do. May God bless you on this very special day! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! I hope you have a nice, peaceful, relaxing, and extraordinary birthday!


Thanks for all you do! I hope you have a blessed birthday!


I just thought I’d share this with you because it’s something that has become really special to all of the Mercy staff.

Have a great night!


Ali Davis said...

i love the doors! they're so neat! and i'm sure it must touch the staff's hearts to see how much their hard work and obedience to God blesses the girls.

love ya, nancy!

Kimmi_Restored said...

I think doing the doors was one my favorite things. In st louis we did it for birthdays and all holidays. My counselor had all the creative girls lol

Michelle :) said...

so cool! love the decorated doors- what a beautiful birthday present!