Friday, September 4, 2009

The Gift that Keeps on Giving…

Yet another Mercy graduate, out on the mission field, being a world changer and a history maker!! What a difference one life can make and how it continues to multiply into the lives of so many others. Check it out for yourself. This is really cool!!
A Vessel... Once Broken, Now Restored

So today I was wondering how many people believe the lie that they are eternally broken or shattered. It really is a lie that limits us from reaching our full potential! The enemy wants us to believe that we are lost causes and too far for redemption. The truth is that the arm of our Abba is not too short. We are within His reach! He will even reach down into the midst of disgust and turmoil to rescue us from the pit of death and destruction, to free us from the pain and wounds of our past!

I count it a sheer blessing to know this as truth in my life! I believed for a long time that I was too far gone to be redeemed, too shattered and broken to ever be restored, too lost to ever be found, and too numb to ever experience joy... However, a love was offered and extended to me through a vessel of love known as Mercy Ministries. My Abba saw me and He desired to wash over me with His perfect love. As His love washed over me, healing, restoration, and freedom came into my life. A woman once without hope experienced dreams and visions for life, and life in abundance! A woman once marred by abuse, rejection, abandonment, and self destruction, was seen, heard and restored. She was found and accepted, was freed from the chords of death, and given the opportunity to experience fulfillment!

All of this being said, on a daily basis I now have the opportunity to share this same love with those around me, those here in the village of Panimaquin, Guatemala. I have the privilege of sharing this amazing truth with them, that they are seen and not forgotten, that they are found and not lost, and that they are redeemable! They are not too broken to be restored and made whole!

This same truth is open for acceptance and faith for each person who may read this post! You are not forgotten! You are not too far gone! You are seen, loved, and freedom is available to you!
Hope this made your day like it did mine. So proud of you, Kim! You keep on keeping on girl!

Everyone have a great holiday weekend. I’ll talk to you next week!


Kristin Stegent said...

Aww...yay! Kim's my girl! I am loving what she's got going on in her life right now. I miss her though! She's my friend...and our #1 babysitter! :)