Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Before and After – Amazing Transformation!

I just received this awesome update from one of our California graduates, Beth. Beth sent me a before and after picture of her time at Mercy and shared with me how God has totally transformed her life! I thought you might enjoy reading Beth’s update and seeing her before and after transformation…

Hi Nancy!

Before I came to Mercy, as you can tell in the picture, I was depressed and my life was going nowhere. I had given up on everything and was completely consumed in my issues of self-harming, an eating disorder, and trying to figure out how to die. I hated myself and didn't believe anyone really liked or cared for me. The only way love had been shown to me for most of my life was by sexual, emotional, physical or verbal abuse, so I didn't understand what love really was. I believed all the lies of the enemy that I was unloved and unlovable, ugly, fat, worthless, just put on Earth to be used, and that I had no future. I would always cope through self-harm and my eating disorder thinking that I could never be forgiven. I came to Mercy in June 2009 and God began to do a work in my life that I never thought possible. I went through some really hard things while in the program and through everything, my hand was held and I felt the love of Christ like never before through the staff and I was shown how through Him, I can overcome. I went through nine months of radical transformation and graduated in March 2010. God took all the lies of the enemy and showed me who He really is and what He thinks of me. I know now that I am loved, adored, beautiful, confident, happy, joyful, full of purpose with an abundant life, and I am His princess. He loves to dance me around the room and hold me close! God has also promised to give me back all the years that the locust have eaten! My Daddy has given me a second chance at life and I will use it to serve Him faithfully. I run to Him now and not to my issues. Thank you Nancy and Mercy for all that you do. Without you allowing God to use you as a vessel, I am not sure who I would be today, but because of Mercy, I know who I am and I am a child of the Most High King!

All my love,


I never get tired of hearing about the amazing transformations from our graduates. I am so proud of Beth and all that she has overcome!

Thanks for your prayers and support!


Lily Jane said...

Oh Bethie-Boo, I love you. It is true that she has become truly transformed- I graduated on the same day as her, and it's great to see how far she's come. :)