Friday, May 14, 2010

Four Awesome Young Women Graduate from Mercy!

Yesterday, I had the joy of graduating four of our Nashville residents from Mercy – Meagan, Alexa, Christin, and Lauren (pictured left/right). Hearing the testimonies of how God totally changes and transforms lives never gets old, so I wanted to share part of their testimonies with you…

Me pictured with Meagan, Alexa, Christin, and Lauren

You might remember a previous blog I did on Christin that showed all the cool clothing she has designed (Click here to read my previous blog on Christin). When Christin first came to Mercy, she was obsessed with death and had a failed suicide attempt. While at Mercy, God completely transformed Christin’s heart and life. Christin has learned that she is worthy to be loved and to be alive. Christin’s on her way to St. Louis, where she plans to go to college for Fashion and Interior Design and Child Psychology and hopes to open her own business and become a foster parent. Christin, I am so proud of you!

Me and Christin with Jude

Alexa came to Mercy after running away from home to join the party scene and was lost and desperate for help. Since being at Mercy, Alexa has truly become a new creation in Christ Jesus. She now seeks to please God instead of man. After Mercy, Alexa plans to attend the Honors Academy in Texas and then do a one year internship at the International House Of Prayer (IHOP) University. I am so proud of you, Alexa!

Me and Alexa

Meagan grew up in a Christian home, but did not have a personal relationship with God. She came to Mercy after struggling with an eating disorder for 12 years. During her time at Mercy, God showed Meagan that she is worthy and accepted. Meagan now knows that she is beautiful and loves what she sees when she looks in the mirror! After graduating, Meagan is moving home and plans to finish her last year of school, get involved in her local church, and continue pursuing all that God has in store for her. Way to go, Meagan!

Me and Meagan

Growing up, Lauren experienced a lot of rejection and verbal abuse, and came to Mercy struggling with self-harm and an eating disorder. Since being at Mercy, God has totally transformed Lauren! She now has a personal relationship with God and Lauren has seen Him restore many broken relationships. After Mercy, Lauren is heading home to finish high school and then go to college where she plans to get a Master’s degree in Psychology. Lauren also hopes to one day work with victims of sex-trafficking. I am so proud of you, Lauren!

Me and Lauren

Please join me in celebrating Christin, Alexa, Meagan, and Lauren as they graduate from Mercy! I am so proud of all of you!!


allison said...

Words cannot begin to express our gratitude for all you do to bring the love of Jesus to these girls. Thank you so much for your obedience to the Lord to see that these girls are cared for by their Heavenly Father. You have given us back our daughter and through your generosity she is going to impact the world for Jesus and use her story to bring freedom to girls who can't speak for themselves. God bless you!!

Ali Davis said...

what beautiful women of God!! congrats, ladies!! go change the world!!

Ali Davis said...

how do we contact christin to buy a t-shirt????

Robin's New Song said...

Congratulations girls! You are all so beautiful inside and out, and we are all so happy to see you becoming all Christ has destined for your lives!

Blessings to you as you stay strong in the Lord.

lamilner said...

Congratulations to each and everyone of you wonderful young ladies! God has wonderful plans for each one of you! Blessings as you continue in your relationships with our Savior! Lots of Love in Christ, Lauryssa