Monday, November 22, 2010

Fun Weekend In St. Louis!!!

It all started Thursday evening in the private residence of former NBA basketball player, Steve Stipanovich, with he and his wife, Terri, serving as our host (pictured here speaking with guests). There were approximately 125 people in attendance, and it was a great night to meet new friends of Mercy and to thank supporters who have been on board for years. I thought I would share with you some of the pictures from this great event. I had the opportunity to see three of our graduates from our St. Louis home, which celebrated its five year anniversary from the time it first opened. Each one of these girls is doing awesome and they are truly reaching out to others and making a difference, as well as continuing their educations. The girls did a great job sharing their stories, and the guests were really touched by what they heard.

Here I am with Holly, Courtney, and Jen!

We also had the opportunity to congratulate newly elected Illinois Senator and longtime Mercy supporter, Kyle McCarter (pictured below).

Mercy Regional Development Director, Selah Hirsch, giving Senator McCarter a congratulatory hug!

Mercy supporter Kelly Mayfield,Pastor Mark Kuiper of Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church, Hostess Terri Stipanovich, and me

Special thanks to Steve and Terri for opening up their home and to new Mercy supporters for opening up their hearts.

As for the rest of the weekend…

The girls had special outings on Friday and Saturday, but the highlight of their weekend was very special to say the least!!! Maria, the wife of St. Louis Rams Coach, Steve Spanuolo, blessed Mercy staff and residents with tickets to the Rams vs. Falcons game yesterday! I thought you would love to see the great fun they had even though the Rams lost. The girls absolutely love football and are often gathered in front of the TV on any given Sunday taking in all they can and cheering on the Rams. So for them to be able to be there in person, they were over the top with excitement! Thanks Coach Steve and Maria for making this possible!!!