Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sex Trafficking Ring Busted Right Here in Nashville…

As I travel across the United States speaking out against sex trafficking and sharing testimonies of the young women we have helped who have come to us after being trafficked, I continue to be amazed at the people who are either still in denial or simply in the dark about this issue. I have actually had people get in my face and tell me that this is not going on in the good ole United States of America – I wish that were the case, but it is not so!!! Not only do I know this from a law enforcement perspective, but I also know it firsthand from the young women who walk through our doors completely traumatized because of being sold into trafficking. Just last year, there were 350,000 reported cases of trafficking right here in the United States. Keep in mind that those were only the cases that were actually reported. For those who may still be doubting that this problem actually exists, let me link you to an article that was just printed in the Nashville newspaper, The Tennessean, yesterday.

Please pray and believe with us for the money we need to help more and more of these young women who are calling us asking for our help.


lisi said...

i have been agreeing w/you all.. nancy, blessings over all you do, and have done for so many souls/lives..
and the women/men that give & have contributed many hours and efforts..
and for these women that have gone through such terrible and horrible situations.. s.t. is NOT going to be easy to overcome, but so grateful for the beauty that god alone can lead us to find, and give to these beautiful women in great need of assistance and so much more...physically, emotionally, spiritually.....

much love, from texas, lisette cole