Monday, November 15, 2010

Sex Trafficking Victim Now Mercy Graduate

Last week, I shared with you about a local sex trafficking ring that was busted right here in Nashville, TN and linked you to the article. As a follow up to that story, The Tennessean highlighted Mercy Ministries as an organization actually working with the victims of sex trafficking. One of our graduates, Christine, shares her story of how even though she was a victim of sex trafficking, she looked just like any other young girl – in school and a part of many school activities. Christine talks about how her father would pick her up from school several times a week and sell her for sex. To hear more about Christine’s story and what Mercy Ministries is doing to help victims of sex trafficking, check out this article in yesterday’s paper…

Mercy Ministries is continuing to receive an increasing call for help from victims of sex trafficking. Please keep us in your prayers for more monthly partners to help answer the calls for help. If you are interested in becoming a monthly partner with Mercy, click here.