Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nevada Wolfpack Basketball Team Visits California Home…

University of Nevada Women’s Basketball Team

The 40 residents and staff of our California home had the privilege of hosting the University of Nevada women’s basketball team last night for a special dinner together. This dinner not only included the student athletes on the team, but also the entire coaching staff as well as their support staff. Head Coach, Jane Albright, is a longtime Mercy supporter, and she brought her team to town to take on Sacramento State this evening at 7:00 PM PST. Arrangements have been made for our 40 Mercy residents and staff to attend the game in support of the Wolfpack. No doubt the cheers will be even louder since the bonding that took place last night between the two entities. Our residents were so touched by the young women on the team and vice versa. The chatter was loud as interaction took place during mealtime and fellowship afterwards. One of the residents even wrote and performed a rap about the team and their early undefeated record thus far. If the Mercy residents have anything to do with it, they will cheer this team on to another win this evening. I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures from their special time together. No doubt about the impact on both sides of the equation. Thankful for special times with special friends.

Mercy girls and Nevada Wolfpack!