Friday, May 27, 2011

1988 Mercy Graduate Pays Surprise Visit Today…

Jessica was 17 years old, facing an unplanned pregnancy when she walked through the doors of our Louisiana Mercy home in 1988. Little did I know that 23 years later she would come back to see me, bringing her husband and family for me to meet. I remember Jessica well and was thrilled to see her!

I fully remember that Jessica made the decision to keep her baby and become a single parent. That little girl is now 23 years old and was raised by her adoptive dad who came into her life as a little girl and is still her dad to this day. Not only that, but Jessica and John have had six other children, for a total of seven! The newest arrivals are a set of twin girls who are four years old and in the picture to the right. The three oldest were not on the trip to Nashville with John and Jessica, but we were thrilled to meet the four youngest. What a great time it was as John and Jessica spoke with and encouraged our current residents that they have a great future in front of them! Thought you would love to meet a Mercy girl who is still going strong for God 23 years and counting!!!

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!