Monday, July 13, 2009

Dollar Dance for Mercy Ministries!

I just recently received a letter and a check from one of our Mercy graduates for a very interesting reason. She felt such gratitude for the life change she experienced at Mercy, and for the wonderful young man God brought into her life, that she chose to use her wedding reception as an opportunity to raise money for Mercy. As an expression of her heartfelt thanks, she chose to do a 'dollar dance' and sent the proceeds into Mercy with wedding pictures so that we could share in the joy! Today they are celebrating one month of marriage. Check out her awesome letter and wedding pics.

Dear Mercy Ministries,

Thank you for changing my life. Because of going to Mercy, I have found a wonderful man who respects me and loves me with a Godly kind of love. We recently just got married on June 13th, 2009, and at our reception, we felt we should do the 'dollar dance' to raise money for Mercy. I, and my husband, are more than grateful than ever for what Mercy has done for girls. I love telling people about Mercy! I graduated from the St. Louis home on March 27th, 2007 and met my husband 10 days later. ☺


Hope this blesses you as much as it blessed me! Have a great day!