Friday, July 17, 2009

Investment Pays Huge Dividend – A Changed Life!

Months ago I did a blog about freedom from issues such as eating disorders, sexual abuse, cutting, and addictions. At that time, I offered to send free of charge the books we have written about these issues which contain principles of freedom. I offered to send any one or more of these books to anyone who might be struggling with one or more of these issues. It was at that time that a young lady named Liz requested the book “Violated” to help her overcome issues related to past sexual abuse. Last night, I received this amazing email from this young woman about the freedom she is now walking in, and I share the following with her permission. She even sent me a picture so that you could put a face with the name.

Dear Nancy,

I write this letter with joy. I wanted to thank you for your willingness to help usher freedom in my life. Late last year, you sent me Violated free of charge. I also started the Mercy application process. However, in the last 6 months, God has miraculously set me free of bondages I have struggled with my entire life. I lived under a tyrant's rule. I kept my shackles close because it was all I knew. I was comfortable being numb, broken, and bruised.

But, God clearly spoke to me and said, "The time for bruises has ended" and "What are your chains BUT metal?" As I sought the Lord and spent more time with Him, my urges for self harm or purging or seeing myself as worthless lessened. His grace overwhelmed my past. I had no idea His comfort and peace were SO real and transforming. Everyday, I walk further in freedom. REAL freedom. I'm currently spending the summer with at-risk youth living in a shelter and telling them each day that God truly can transform the garbage of the world (and those of us who feel like we are just that)! The first time I shared my testimony, 23 youth admitted that they too had been raped and never told anyone. God truly took those tears and turned them into jewels. Thank you for your willingness and obedience to God's vision and voice.

I am FREE...and that is more than I ever hoped or imagined for my life. My worth comes from On High. I look at my scars now as completely redeemed and hidden in Christ. My past is on the Cross and I've emerged from the grave. Now, I am excited to share the vision of Mercy to the hurting girls I meet...knowing freedom is real, possible, and ever available.

I love you,

What a beautiful girl, what a beautiful story, what a beautiful God! I can’t help, but think that there may be people out there reading this that may be struggling with one or more of the issues I named. If that is you, hearing from Liz made me realize that I need to offer these books free of charge once again for anyone who contacts me via email at Let me know if you need help with one of these issues, and I will be glad to send you whatever book relates to whatever issue or issues you may be facing. There is freedom and it can be yours! I hope you will contact me if you have a need.

Have a great weekend!

Love to all,


Ali Davis said...

liz is a friend of mine, and she blesses me *constantly* with her pursuit of freedom! she is an amazing woman! i have seen her transform SO MUCH over the last couple of months!

i am praying that more girls/women, and even men, are blessed by your books! you, too, are an amazing women, nancy!

love ya, girl!

Yvonne said...


Kristin Stegent said...

That is amazing! I love how God used Mercy without Liz even going to Mercy to set her free. He is big and beautiful! :)

bullionsInvestor said...
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