Friday, July 31, 2009

Women on the Frontlines!

I have been at an amazing conference called Women on the Frontlines this week with people from all over Tennessee, the United States, and other nations of the world. It was my great joy and honor to be asked to speak at this conference, but I can honestly say that I received much more than I was able to give. What a great blessing it is to be able to sit under these great women of God and the ministries they have been faithful in for years. Some of the guest speakers included James Goll, Heidi Baker, Sharon Stone, Patricia King, and Shelvi Gilmore. I also want to give a big shout out of praise to James Goll for his faithfulness as a man of God and the head of the ministry that hosted the conference. How cool is it that men of God release the women of God to fulfill their God-given assignments?! I am very, very happy that I have connected with this great group, and I am so proud to call James Goll my friend!!

Me and James Goll, new found friend and mighty man of God!

I also want to mention a great inner-city ministry right here in Nashville that has raised up a children’s choir called the Unity Choir. They performed for us the first night, but I have to say that it was much more than a performance – it was powerful and God-breathed! I was very touched to realize that one of our very own Mercy staff, Julie Ingle, works with these kids in this ministry along with her husband, Andrew, who was there taking a lot of great photographs. I thought you might enjoy some great pictures from this weekend.

The Unity Choir performed before Heidi Baker spoke
on Wednesday night – so powerful!

Heidi Baker speaks at Women on the Frontlines


BranchPastor said...

Keep up the great work Nancy!

Robin's New Song said...

I would love to visit and learn from your wonderful ministry! I've had a burden for years to begin something here in Michigan. Would have loved to have been there to hear Heidi Baker too! May the Lord continue to pour out His Mercy through you!