Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane

This last week has been really busy!! I just got back from attending the Hillsong Conference in Australia where I got a chance to catch up with our new Mercy family and have dinner in their home. Below is a picture of me with them. I also took a little bit of Nashville with me and gave the boys a Tennessee Titans football jersey!

Me pictured with the Feben boys in their Tennessee Titans jerseys

Picture of me with the Stunt and Feben family

I got off the plane from Australia Saturday night and spoke at a conference in Nashville on Sunday morning.
Picture of me speaking at the LTD conference in Nashville.

Pictured signing my book "Echoes of Mercy" at the LTD conference

Then, I had an opportunity to do TV taping for TBN last night with Matt and Laurie Crouch. Check out some of the pictures below!

Pictured with Matt and Laurie Crouch

I hope you are having a great week!!


amber said...

dear nancy,

i am 31 years old, from carmel, indiana (indianapolis area) and in the beginning stages of my journey to open a ministry with a similar vision to mercy ministries.

i have come through so much in my life and the last two years have been full of the greatest struggles i have faced to date...just to come to the point where i knew i was ready. i have had this vision since i was 14 and it is suddenly coming together. it is time. i am scared and excited and worried and overjoyed.

one of the books i have read was 'the dream giver' by bruce wilkinson, and it was a turning point for me as i began to remember the dream i had long forgotten in the turmoil that has been my own life. i have worked through paralyzing ptsd and come through abusive relationships, sexual abuse and so many other forms that my counselors are astounded that i don't have any addicitons and am even able to function. i can only attribute to God.

i have always known that i was called to something greater than myself and even as a teenager, was leading others with struggles that fit with my vision.

in bible college, i trained for ministry and spent some time as a volunteer house parent. my vision also includes a place for abused and battered women and children.

i am ready to begin, and while life is not perfect, i sense that it is time. doors are beginning to open.

if it is possible, i would love to visit mercy ministries and meet you bring my partners in this venture. it is so heavy on my heart to do something now, and i know that your ministry is strong and wonderful and growing. would you be able to allow us to come?

it would be a great honor to us if it were possible. thank you so much for taking the time to read this comment. i know you are busy and i appreciate your help.


amber patterson

Tara said...

yay! LTD made your blog! thanks so much for coming in and speaking for us! we love that the movers and shakers in that room got the hear the heart of Mercy! :) love you!
Tara Winters McCleskey

Kristin Stegent said...

THAT is a busy schedule you've had! All sounds good...just tiring! :) Hope you are able to catch some rest sometime!

Tamara said...

you were at the LTD conference!!! yay!! so sad I'll be at the one this weekend in Chicago! Glad you were able to be there though! I know a lot of LTD members that have a heart for Mercy!!!

Hyemi said...

I wanted to share that 10 minutes ago this morning, I was reading Phillipians 2 & it mentions that we're called to be shining stars in this world. Well, your 2nd to last picture reminds me of that calling. You're a great example of a shining star!