Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Austins Bridge Visits Mercy Ministries!

Hey Everyone,

This morning we had Austins Bridge, a new up and coming band, sing and lead worship at Mercy. It was so cool to have them here to sing and share with the girls! They each told personal stories from their own lives and shared how God’s mercy is always there to carry us through whatever situations and circumstances we may be going through, which is one of the reasons why their music and lyrics so connect with the heart and vision of Mercy Ministries.




In fact, they just released a new song about mercy that we thought was so descriptive of what we do inside the homes that we invited them to be a part of our official dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for our new Sacramento home on Saturday, November 7th. We hope you’ll take the time to listen to this awesome song.

Here’s what some of the girls had to say:

“I really related to when Toby talked about hitting rock bottom before making a change…realizing “this isn’t me.” He said “It’s okay to struggle in life because that’s how we learn, but God and His mercy will never leave you.” I really liked the chorus of the last song about God’s mercy -- “When feeling hopeless, abandoned or lost, Mercy pleads your case before the cross.” – Beth

“I thought they were amazing. I really liked the stories they each told and especially the last song about mercy – how God’s mercy doesn’t leave you no matter what! I really liked their music.” – Ashleigh

“These guys were awesome. I really enjoyed listening to them. The songs they sang had a great message!” -- Abbey

“I loved the music. Their stories were encouraging, and I felt God as they sang. I’m really glad they came.” -- Hannah

“What an incredible, fun group with so many moving songs and stories. I really liked the song that says “There is a God” – as we look around, how can we not see all He’s given and done for us? Also, the stories they told really touched my heart. I want to have that child-like heart, spirit and vulnerability! Also, the story about hitting rock bottom because of continually turning away from the Lord, yet knowing He’s still there in His loving mercy to lift me up was really encouraging.” -- Meagan

I also thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the pictures of Austins Bridge. Click here to even see a video clip of their time here at Mercy. Austins Bridge is going to be performing at our California Home Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, November 7th. Check out our website at under Upcoming Events for more information – we’d love to see you there!


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