Friday, October 9, 2009

New Girls Entering New California Home!

Hey Everybody,

I just wanted to give you a good report about how things are going in California in our first full week of operations there. We currently have 14 girls in the program, and we will eventually build up to a full capacity of 40 girls. We are so grateful to be able to take 40 more girls off of our waiting list, and start them on the journey of restoration and transformation. As you know, the average length of our program is approximately six months. I thought you would enjoy seeing a couple of pictures of our new residents – one in the classroom and one in the dining room. Please pray for these new girls as they enter the program that they will adjust quickly and be fully committed to the healing process. Have a great weekend!

Love to all,

Mercy girls in the classroom

Mercy girls in the dining room


Ali Davis said...

i have a dear friend in the new CA home, and i'm praying for ALL the mercy girls and staff in all the homes! for you, too, nancy! because you are an amazing woman with a heart of gold! I LOVE YOU!!

Britney said...

I met them this weekend, and of course fell in love with them immediately. They are beautiful young women, packed with potential. Each so different, with so much to offer. I am excited to watch and cheer them on through their journies!